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Outline electronic and non-electronic methods for communicating business information using examples for different types of audiences

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Unit 4 Task 1 and merit 2- "Outline electronic and non-electronic methods for communicating business information using examples for different types of audiences'' Introduction In this assignment I will explain different types of electronic and non-electronic methods and will use different types of suitable recipients to refer to them. I will also explain different types of audiences. Age and attention span Most people who are younger can concentrate for less time whereas older or more educated people can focus or listen for a longer period of time. Younger people respond more to videos, images and PowerPoint presentations, whereas older people can read for a long time such as reports etc. Age, gender and ethnicity To illustrate your explanations, it's a good way to interact with the audience by reflecting on their ethnic background, interest and their experiences. Also draws from the experiences of men and women in a positive ways. Special needs of audience Accessibility Large fonts in leaflets and PowerPoint presentation should be used for people who are partially sighted and colours like green and yellow should be avoided due to visually impaired people. People who need to lip read should be sat at the front so the speakers can face towards them. Some people who have mobility problems, such as wheel chairs need to have enough space to come so therefore chairs along the side should be removed. ...read more.


Sometimes if somebody is busy on the phone then they can contact them by sending a text message and the message will be received. They can also contact customers or their boss if they are running late for a business meeting etc. WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) - is a technology used by portable communication devices. This method can be used to purchase good. An example is when a customer can go on to the internet (business site) to purchase goods as they might be really busy and not have time at home. Also an employee can be on the move and quickly might need to give an instant message that they might be late and give a valid reason. WAP is ideal because it is convenient as it is always available. Also the user's location can decide what can be sent to them. WAP is ideal for someone who does not have access to a PC. An example, if some needs to access the internet whilst going to work they can use their phone to do what they need to do. Video conference- is a video and audio communication through computer or TV screens between two or more parties. In business a meeting is going to be held but the manager can't make it. So they might do a video conference meeting where the manager is and one at the business. ...read more.


Letter- an old fashioned written document which is usually formally structured and does not contain slang words or abbreviations. Mostly used for external communication. A letter can be sent from a business to a customer to inform and ask them about a new credit card that has come out. The business will ask the customers if they want to purchase the credit card or not. A letter is an ideal method as this can be sent to anyone, anywhere. This method shows the recipient that you have took time and cared enough to write a letter. When a letter is received it doesn't come in to the category of junk mail. Letters can be kept for future reference and referred to when it's needed. Flow charts- this method is good for illustrating a process that takes a number of logical steps and requires decisions to be taken along the way. The business will use flow chart to see how well the business is doing. With the flow chart this will allow the business to understand what they are doing wrong and therefore they can amend and improve. This method is suitable as it is easy to understand. It has images/diagrams instead of writing. This is because with images it shows a logical order of what is happening. This can go into detail to see problems and therefore be analysed. ?? ?? ?? ?? Jamila Abdulhusein Unit 4 Task 1 ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

4 star(s)

A good outline of different methods of communication in business. Many would argue that face to face is still the most significant method and it should be lncluded. I would also like to see an introductory and concluding paragraph

Marked by teacher David Salter 07/02/2012

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