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Outline how an organisations motivational practices and reward systems are informed by theories of motivation.

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P3 Outline how an organisation's motivational practices and reward systems are informed by theories of motivation. In this assignment I will be outlining how an organisation's motivational practises and reward systems are informed by theories of motivation. Motivation Organisations will try to motivate their employees so they have the will and desire to work harder even if it's just by a bit. There are different methods of motivation that makes employees come to work every day. There are different theories of motivation also rewards. The main 4 theories I will be talking about is: * Taylor * Mayo * Maslow * Herzberg Taylor Frederick Taylor studied motivation at the Bethlehem Steel Company in the USA in the late 1800s and believed that there was a more efficient way for employees of the steel company to work using shovels. He worked out that 21.5 pounds of weight was the ideal weight of material for an employee to lift in order to work at their best level, and that all employees should be given targets of materials to move in order to earn their wages. ...read more.


Any unsatisfied lower-level needs will mean that employees cannot be motivated. * Offering pay rewards or increasing salary may not motivate employees but inadequate pay will de-motivate them. * Strategies such as increasing responsibility may be used to motivate workers but if basic needs such as safe working conditions are not met, workers will remain de-motivated. Herzberg Frederick Herzberg like Maslow believed that pay was no the only way to motivate employees and he came up with his own theory which had two elements in it hygiene factors and motivators. For an employee to be motivated, all the hygiene factors have to be met first and then the motivators can be used to make them work harder. The table above shows that Herzberg's theory works in a similar way to Maslow. Reward systems There are different issues linked with motivation and that some theorists believe that pay is the most important factor, whereas others believe it is something that must be given to avoid de-motivation but does not motivate itself. ...read more.


I think this applies for all four theories because scheme relates to Maslow, Mayo, Herzberg and Taylor because the retiring employee and employer is paying money for shelter and caring facilities, also the employer will be paying for the pension so that is why it applies with everyone. Bonuses Bonus is an excellent way of giving employees extra money without including them in their usual yearly pay. Bonuses can be a one off reward which links to the performance of the employee. Employees enjoy rewards like this after completing a project or their job. I believe this rewards falls under Taylor because the employer uses money to motivate employees and get them to work harder. Company vehicles When an organisation gives an employee a company vehicle it motivates them to work harder as they can use the vehicle for their personal use as well as for work, this reward system is related to Mayo and Maslow they believe that taking care of employee needs is more important in order to work Toyota does this because they are a car manufacturer so they have enough cars for workers. ?? ?? ?? ?? Monsur AhmedUnit 16Romanus ...read more.

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