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Outline key features of legislation and regulation on health and safety as applied to working conditions in a selected manufacturing organization and a service provider.

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BTEC National in Business level 3 - Session 2009 - 2010 Learner's name: IBS 2 (cohort 2008 -2011) Assessor's name: MR. J. HUIZINGA Date Issued: 05-Jan-2010 Hand-in date: TBC Date Submitted: Qualification: BTEC National Diploma in Business Unit Name and Number: Unit 36: Understanding Health & Safety in the Workplace Criteria Reference To Achieve the criteria the evidence must show that the leaner is able to: Task Number Criteria attempted and achieved (Please Tick) Sub 1 Sub 2 P1 outline key features of legislation and regulations on health and safety as applied to working conditions in a selected manufacturing organisation and a service provider 1 P2 describe the requirements for a healthy and safe workplace as applied to the physical environment and equipment used in a selected industry 2 P3 outline the roles and responsibilities for health and safety of key personnel in a selected workplace 3 P4 describe the procedures designed to identify, monitor and prevent health and safety hazards in a selected workplace 4 P5 explain the procedure for carrying out a risk assessment in a selected workplace 5 Learner declaration: I certify that the work submitted for this assignment is my own. Learner signature: Date: P1 outline key features of legislation and regulation on health and safety as applied to working conditions in a selected manufacturing organization and a service provider. Legislation and Regulations The workplace health and safety regulations cover a wide range of basic health and safety issues and apply to most places. They are amended by the Quarries regulation 1999 and the health and safety regulation 2002. The regulations aim to ensure that work places meet the health and safety needs of all members of a work force, including people with disabilities, which parts of the workplace should be made accessible for disabled people. Requirements under these regulations is that employers have a general duty under section 2 of the health and safety at work act 1974 to ensure, the health and safety of their employees at work. ...read more.


So the trained employee will play an invaluable role implementing they health and safety program for the company. The building The company has evacuation route in case something goes wrong. The floor is special the flooring is in concrete and has to different colors on it. The blue section means that the medicine has been produced and is being controlled and the grey section means that this is the warehouse and that you should watch where you are going. Since the products are on wheel carriages the flooring is anti slip so that no one will fall or even the products. A healthy and safe workplace is the responsibility of everyone in the company. Hygiene Company. Is it important the building is kept clean and that the employer and employees are hygienic. The company works with medicine and this medication will have to be used people who are sick. The building gets clean everyday by a company that send their cleaning crew who is specials in cleaning that type of building since there are four toilet areas for the employees to used they make sure to have it clean with the right type of cleaning supplies. It has soap dispenser in the toilets because it's appropriate for everyone to wash their hands before entering the cabins to work on medicine. The offices get cleans, the cabins were we work in get clean every Friday's this is because sometime it would take us to finish off the products on the next day., since Friday is the last day of the week, employee make sure before closing time to have products off and prepare for the cleaners to come in and clean the cabins. The company also has an cantine which an employee her self's washes the dishes and cleans the table at least four time in the day right after break and lunch. Materials There are materials that the company gives each employee to work with which is a knife, tweezers, glue, scissors and an ...read more.


She wrote this down and when each action was completed it was ticked off and the date recorded 5. The warehouse manager discussed the findings with the safety representative. They decided to review and update the assessment at least annually, or at any time when major changes to the workplace occurred. The warehouse manager gave out copies of the risk assessment to all members of staff. In this next page you will see how the risk assessment is being monitored and by who in the department. Company name: Polyfarma department: Date assessment made: Date discussed with employees: Step 1 substance Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 What's the hazard? What harm, and who? What are you doing already? What improvements do you need? who when check Battery acid for electrical picker trucks - skin contact and breathing in mist Burns from acid, lung irritation from mist Maintenance worker - liquid Rubber apron, gauntlets, eye protection for acid handling Spill containment and clean up kit Night-watchman - mist from charging batteries overnight restrict access Roof louvers open during & 30 minutes after charging Breathing in fog from pest control (insecticide) Unknown - contractor uses respirator Everyone Keep out for 1 hour after fogging, then open doors None Anti-slip floor coating - 2 yearly - solvent / isocyanine Irritating vapours, skin sensitisation 2 charge hands mixing and applying product Vapour RPE, protection = 10, long-handled roller, protective gloves, coverall Discard roller and gloves after use. Open doors while applying. New footwear. also Action taken Action needed Thorough examination & test - COSHH Supervision Supervise floor coating Instruction and training Warn about skin contact Respirator training Emergency plans Fire Urine test for isocyanine Health surveillance None Monitoring None Step 5 Review date: 1. Review your assessment - make sure you are not sliding back. 2. Any significant change in the work? Check the assessment and change it if necessary Other hazards needing attention: vehicle movements, manual handling ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Structures, Objectives & External Influences section.

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