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P3: Explain how developments in the consumer market have impacted on food retailing

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P3: Explain how developments in the consumers market have impacted on food retailing Developments in the consumer market Radical developments in the consumer market In the online dictionary radical refers to changes that have immediately occurred like a mutation or even changes in trends in society, in recent years relating it to business radical change has occurred in on online shopping where it has become a lot more acceptable, where many business including Tesco has released a click and collect service so that they can meet these changes to ?stay on top of their game?. Other radical changes include changes that have occurred when there is a change that has occurred in products that are acceptable for instance product that are like food for instance chocolates are now acceptable to eat a breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea and supper so demand has increased in these specific products so business needs to meet these demands. Radical changes have affected superstores in terms of the 4 large super markets, which are Tesco, Asda, Morrisons and Sainsbury?s. The food retailers have adapted to meet developments by installing self-scan checkouts to reduce queues in stores, this new type of technology that supermarkets have invested in to keep their customers happy, by reducing the time standing in queues. They also have websites where their customers can view the products and services they require to make it easier for their customers and more convenient. ...read more.


This refers simple fact of introducing a fresh cultural type regarding food from different countries. For case in point, people from most of Asia or Africa will take their types regarding food preference and according to these; food retailers begins supply this type of food. The UK food retail market have been influenced by this specific increased mobility food and is also still continuing to do so. Nowadays in Britain, we have various kinds of that are actually from other countries for example India, Pakistan and many others... Two or much more cars household Because having a car helps consumers to relocate more, they more you are able to move with the car the more having access to various and diverse food can be. Thanks to the technology of the car, customers can go wherever to obtain the food they want it doesn't matter how far it really is. Also having a car enables the shoppers/consumers to buy more food and products simply because they have more space within their cars. Retailers also must adapt to this specific change and to do so; they had to present more parking spaces to customers because of their cars. Giving more area to customers attracts shoppers since many people now do their shopping using their cars. Increased mobility Increased mobility has made a massive development. This is because there are a number of ways people can get to a store without walking. ...read more.


A retail store must make the place a safer and healthier place and more connected to others (customers) also solving the needs of customers. Customer service Customer service is a vitally important differentiator across the retail industry. Regardless of whether the customer proposition is higher value or basic/simple, the challenge is to develop a retail service model that treats each customer as an individual and maintains satisfaction and loyalty levels. Many organisations reflect the drive of an individual and their personal focus on the importance of customer service. If this individual is senior within the retail business, it will greatly impact the culture and the emphasis placed on the customer experience. In small companies this will tend to be driven by the owner. Customer service is a key competitive differentiator and should be seen as a long-term commitment and will not succeed if it is viewed only as a short-term tactic Giving your customers a personalized loyalty card to keep in their wallets can be a simple and easy way to boost name recognition and sales for your business. Customer loyalty matters because selling more to existing customers is easier, and cheaper, than finding and selling to new ones. Loyal customers tend to buy more, more regularly. And they will frequently recommend your business to others. Seasonal changes When seasonal changes happen for example when summer comes, family?s mostly go out for barbeques or picnics maybe at the back garden or go somewhere far to enjoy a day out, retail stores make some money because some people might go to Asda or Tesco butchers to get meat for barbeque. ...read more.

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