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(P4) Describe the Functional Activities and the Independencies of Tesco Plc and Coleraine Borough Council

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(P4) Describe the Functional Activities and the Independencies of Tesco Plc and Coleraine Borough Council Introduction In this assignment I will explain and understand the functional activities and organisational structures of both Tesco Plc and Coleraine Borough Council. 1. Functional Activities This is the make up of a business, in which departments are combined in order to execute specific operations/functions. Coleraine Borough Council Function Activity Description Operations Technical Services & Building Control This department is responsible for the delivery of the key service's offered to ratepayers. These of which include; * Building Regulations * Dangerous Structures * Postal Numbering * Property Certificates * Street Naming * Public Toilets * Street Cleansing/Litter * Refuse Collection & Disposal * Skip Facilities * Licensing - Street Trading, Entertainment, Cinema & Petrol Storage Refuse Collection & Disposal The council's fleet of vehicles collects waste from over 24,000 households and 1,500 from other businesses. This waste is deposited in the council's fully state of the art landfill site. Street Cleansing Staff members are dedicated in performing their duties in all weather conditions in order to ensure that streets are kept clean. This department arranges each cleansing process in zone's with accordance to which areas are of a greater concern for sanitising. During peak months more workers are deployed in order to maximise efficiency of cleansing for spectators/tourists. Licensing and Enforcement This department is responsible for entertainment licenses e.g. TV Licenses, along with those covering cinemas, street trading and petroleum. Building Control The main duties of this department include; Street Naming/Postal addresses, Building Control Regulations, Dangerous Structures and Inspection of Entertainment Premises. Through Building Control, CBC can apply regulations that insure the safety, health, welfare and convince of people within the built environment. The main aspects in which are closely examined by this function include; * Building Regulations enforcement * Property certificates * Postal Numbering and Street Naming * Technical Inspections for entertainment licensing * Dangerous Structures * Inspections at key construction stages Recycling and Environmental Issues This department ...read more.


In Tesco it is important that these administrators deal with the judgements of external customers effectively, as this will reflect upon the company's image and reputation. It is important that these administrators control the flow of data effectively insuring that it is accurate throughout transportation. MIS is used to provide managers with relevant and necessary updated information whenever in a period of time it is required. These systems are usually contained within computerised databanks. Some of the operations performed by most administrators include; * Making arrangements e.g. interviews, sales conference etc. * Responding promptly to enquires/requests * Storing and retrieving documents/electronic records e.g. database * Collecting, distributing and dispatching mail * Performing various types of research * Allocating travel arrangements MIS's will gather and process: * Internal information about Tesco's resources, and staff members * Performance of the business and the separate departments, departmental targets etc. * External information this being; supplier prices, competitor information etc. Decisions made in Tesco Plc, are vitally important, and so this data will need to be of an updated standard to ensure the right decisions are being made. Human Resources Management Represent all aspects of people within Tesco Plc as by looking after staff this helps the business to fulfil the aims and objectives of the business.. The department specifically is designed to help different departments to recruit new staff members with the proper skills and qualifications to perform the stated job at optimum efficiency. It is important that this department analyses the rate of staff turnover in order to identify the amount of people who may leave the organisation for specified reasons. If this rate is high then it is a responsibility of the department to identify why. Within Tesco Plc employees should be made aware of their rights and responsibilities which relate to; Health and Safety, Data Protection and Employment. Some of the tasks in which concern HRM include; * Advertising job vacancies * Arranging staff training * Notifying promotional opportunities * Advising managers of the ...read more.


selling the goods/services, Advertising, Market research, designing methods of a prototype etc. Through doing this, businesses can also keep their costs down due to lower cost rates to manufacture goods in far eastern countries. * Finance - Frequently for both smaller and large businesses, an accountant will be hired in order to produce the accounting records for the business year, or to produce pay rolls for fellow employees. * IT - Specialist can be brought in from other businesses to set-up MIS systems, Edit website functionality etc. * Public Sector Services - Coleraine Borough Council hires contractors to provide services to the local community (ratepayers); this is a form of outsourcing for the business as it is cheaper for them to hire contractors than to provide the necessary equipment to perform these services themselves. Through CCT (Compulsory Competitive Tendering) it is made liable that the council hires these contractors. Tesco Plc Outsourcing "One way Tesco's Fresh & Easy Neighbourhood Market retail operation in the U.S. is cutting costs and saving money is by outsourcing virtually all of its information technology (IT) functions, finance, payroll, personnel and other departmental operations to a subsidiary, Tesco Hindustan Service Centre, in Bangalore, India". Fresh & Easy Buzz Advantages of Outsourcing * Cheaper * Contractor held responsible for performing operations - Not Business * Wide range of services offered - Many Contractors - Value for money Disadvantages of Outsourcing * Call centres can be dangerous - hired employees may work for criminal organisations, therefore leading t identity theft of customers etc. Proving large problems for the organisation at its reputation. Supply Chain This is deemed the process from whenst a product/service has been designed to when it has been sold. In other words it refers to the beginning of a product/service life to the end. Outsourcing through the supply chain includes; some of the activities in extracting raw materials, transporting them, organising the logistics, manufacturing the final product/service, and then distribution to customers. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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