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P6: Develop a coherent marketing mix for a new product or service - the iPhone

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´╗┐Task 9 P6: Develop a coherent marketing mix for a new product or service Marketing mix The marketing mix provides a good example and path for business that are developing marketing plans. The marketing mix is made up of four parts which can also be called the four Ps, these are * Products * Price * Place and * Production Product A product can be anything that is used to satisfy the needs of a Market. A product can be anything ranging from goods, information, ideas or even organisations. In other word is the mixture of services and goods that businesses offer to their target customers. Price The price is very important as it determines the company's profit and hence and survival. Also it?s the amount the customer pays for the product. Place The place is where the products will be delivered to supermarkets and then they will sell it. The places sometimes are the big four supermarkets. Promotions Promotion is something such as: advertising, public relations, sales organisation and sales promotion. Businesses do promotions for the company so more people can see and it can attract more customers to their businesses Objectives of developing mix Support brand building Support brand building is one of the reasons why t is good to use is because it allows a new product to enter the market which can help increase the existing brands reputation and image. ...read more.


50-60 years old The marketing mx for the new product The new iPhone 6 will is a new generation of smartphone that will be more than a simple life accessory, it is a life companion. Unlike all new product prices, the new iPhone 6 will come at a fairly reasonable price that will make it possible for people of any class to procure themselves with it because we believe that everybody deserves quality. The official price we set up for the quality product is fixated at £500 The promotion activities that we will create to make sure people are aware of the product will vary between stores opening events, online competitions, tech events etc... Developing mix Support brand building Apple will use it’s the strong reputation and the popularity of the brand to raise the awareness of the new iPhone to make sure that existing customers as well as new customers know about the phone and its different features, prices and everything else that comes with it. Satisfy needs and aspirations of the target group of customers To satisfy the needs of the customers apple will be using thoroughly the 4Ps of the marketing mix ensuring that customers can trust the brand of the product while satisfying their needs and aspirations. Importance of need for cohesion of different elements of the marketing mix Element in their marketing mix of the apple product need to blend and flow well in order popular enough. ...read more.


We will make sure to use catchy statements and images to attract the interest of the targeted audience. The generate desire on our targeted customers, we will use the completely unique feature that have never seen or experienced before to reinforce the needs of the customers to buy our new phone. In Our advertisement, we will make sure we use graphics that clearly shows the location of places where our products will be available and where every customers will find easiest to obtain the product. The media that will be used to promote the product For this new generation of smartphone, we intend to make sure that everyone including our targeted customers are aware and don?t miss any chance to get inform about the product. For that we will use every media possible to advertise the IPhone 6, the methods include radio, TV, billboards, magazines newspapers, and off course the internet. For our online advertisement, we intend to use anything possible, from banners to download of music and films. Additional methods that will be used to promote the product In addition to the most traditional methods of promotion, we also plan to use personal selling and public relation selling to boost our promotion?s success rate. The personal selling method may reach less customers compared to the online and TV promoting but it will meet the targeted customers? needs by assuring the quality of the product and the attractive features of the phone. ...read more.

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