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Payment security

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Suggestions I would make to a small business considering setting up a website... Operational issues * Payment security: You could overcome this by having the latest virus security software and expert to maintain security. Also have links to credit card companies such as Master Card, Visa. * Unfamiliar trading conditions: The business could overcome this by having a link on the website so that if a customer has a query they business can get back in touch and answer it. ...read more.


* Vulnerability to hostile attack: They can overcome this by having secure, protected software and also good customer service, this is because this may lead people to hack into websites if they are not happy with the customer service they are getting. * Hijacking the website: They can have protected anti- virus software. * Financial frauds: the business can overcome this by having protected software and also they can contact the customer to confirm if they are buying a product. ...read more.


* Loss of data: The business can overcome this by having back ups on pen drives, zip drives and keep the back up in a safe place such as a bank so this doesn't get lost or stolen. * Global business regulations: The business can overcome this by getting touch with the countries embassy to read and discuss the countries rules and regulations before putting their website into operation. ?? ?? ?? ?? Doing Business Online Unit 8 Oxford Community School Task 10 1 ...read more.

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