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People in Business

Extracts from this document...


People in BUSINESS PROJECT: Primark PRESENTED BY: JENNIFER TAKYE INTRODUCTION This unit of assignment will be based on Primark plc. I have chosen Primark as a case study to get information that will help me to produce a constructive piece of work. In the first part of my assignment I will write about the job roles in Primark business. This include the role of manages, supervisors and employees. To extend this I will look into the responsibilities of each chain of command. To achieve the first assessment objective successfully, I will give a detailed description of the qualities, skills and qualification that are required for each of the mentioned roles. In addition, I will explain the degree of decision making and problem solving accompanied with each role. Terms and conditions of every role will be described using as much detail as possible. Furthermore training and development opportunities available within the business will also take into account and also conclude the first part of the assignment and describe in depth the way in which motivation is used in the business. I will ensure that a detailed description of the relevant PEST factors in the business will also be provided. Importantly I will illustrate the role and responsibilities using detailed and realistic examples. GENERAL INTRODUCTIION The primary objective of this write up is to bring to bear the unique Roles, Responsibilities and key tasks of three strategic corporate players; Manager, Administrative Supervisor and Retail Salesperson and also outline their various distinctive contributions, qualities, skills and qualifications as well as their terms and conditions of employment for a successful operations in Primark. A leader is a person who leads whereas a manager is one who manages. A good place to start is with the basic definitions. The biggest difference between a leader and a manager is the way in which they motivate people. In life nothing is black or white, everything is a different shade of grey. ...read more.


Advertising in shop windows is also one way in which Primark advertises new vacancies. Sometimes recruitment agencies and job centers are also used. However different jot position may require different methods of advertisement. Example: Primark requires individual to occupy a senior management position, they tent to advertise this using national newspaper while in most cases they advertise a sales assistant vacancy in local newspapers. When job advertisement is completed, Primark normally receives quite significant number of applications mainly due to the fact that it is popular and reputable organisation. In addition in order to avoid high interview those whose skills are most close to those on the person specification based on the candidate's application form. This recruitment stages therefore includes short listing of applicants. The important stage in the recruitment process of Primark that follows the short listing of applicants is the interviewing stage. Interviewing has given employers the opportunity to discover the personal qualities of the candidate while it also a great chance to find out about the business and see if they would like to work for them. Not only this stage costly, but it is also time consuming as it requires careful preparation if it is to be effective. Example: At Primark, they make sure that all members of the interview panel have looked at the candidate's application form carefully and thoroughly. Furthermore, they also need to ensure that all interview pane members know exactly the part they will play in the interview as well as the questions they will be asking to candidates. Importantly, they must also ensure that the rooms the interviews will take place are available and that free from obstruction. Selection and appointment of a new employee is Premark's last stage in the recruitment process. There are some factors that Primark employers use in order to determine the successful applicant. These are the way in which the applicant presented themselves during the interview, i.e. ...read more.


Example, at Primark they need application form and a very detailed CV. In my opinion I think this is a good suggesting that will help the business to employ the right and suitable person for the job. It also seems that in some situations Primark's recruitment documents mainly are too complex and well too demanding for other applicants especially those applying for lower positions in the company, such as supermarket cleaners or sales assistance. For this reason some would argue that, Primark's recruitment documents are only good and appropriate for higher positions such as managers therefore the needs for those in the lower. In addition, if the recruitment documentation is complicated and time consuming, applicants will be put off by Primark's recruitment process and they will consider applying to other businesses where documentation is less complicated and straight forward. Probably, this will hugely affect the number of people Primark recruits. In order make this successful, I think it is important that Primark consider having different application forms and terms and conditions for different job positions in their business. Summary of findings I will conclude that business development involves processes and various actors, which includes: managers, supervisors and sale assistant. In every business it success depend in the chain of command and they relates and co-ordinate team playing. Effective coordination and team working are major contributory factors to a sustainable business. The roles, responsibilities skills of each level of staff impact on the business growth and promote good customer service. In my personal assessment in people in business unit 2 has developed my knowledge to know how motivation contribute toward staff ability to contribute toward successful business. In Primark in other to develop good customer and public confidence recruitments are always base on fairness and selection processes are not based on gender social orientation, nationalities and religious affiliation. ?? ?? ?? ?? Jennifer Takye Applied Business A-Level Unit 2 People in Business 1 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level People & Operations Management section.

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