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People In Business

Extracts from this document...


Unit 2 People in Business Unit 2 Title Page Page 1 Table of Contents Page 2 A01 Introduction Page 4 PEST Analysis Page 5 Anti-Discrimination Legislation Page 7 Manager Page 9 - Roles and Responsibilities Page 9 - Qualities of a Manager Page 10 - Training and Development Opportunities Page 10 - Motivation to Retain Staff Page 11 Supervisor Page 13 - Roles and Responsibilities Page 13 - Qualities of a Supervisor Page 14 - Training and Development Opportunities Page 15 - Motivation to Retain Staff Page 15 Employee Page 17 - Roles and Responsibilities Page 17 - Qualities of a Manager Page 18 - Training and Development Opportunities Page 19 - Motivation to Retain Staff Page 19 A02 What is a ... Job Analysis Page 22 What is a ... Job Description Page 22 What is a ... Person Specification Page 22 Advertisement Page 24 The Recruitment Process Page 26 Interview Questions Page 27 Our Interview Questions Page 28 Our Interview Table Page 29 A03 The Interview Process Page 32 Strengths and Weaknesses Page 32 Interview Layout Page 34 PEST Factors Page 35 A04 Selection Process Page 38 Bibliography Page 40 A01 People in Business By Abi Bann For my Unit 2 coursework, I have chosen to concentrate on the BBC. I will be explaining the roles of the employees within the business, especially the manager, supervisor and employee. In order to fully explain their roles within the business, I will have to give explanation on their roles and responsibilities within the BBC. I will then further elaborate on the qualities you must have to occupy these roles, any training and development opportunities they may encounter, how they motivate their staff and finally, what factors effect their roles within the BBC. For the second section of Unit 2, I have to carry out an interview on a fellow classmate and record it on an interview plan in which I have constructed. ...read more.


The ability to listen to instructions and follow them - Mistakes and accidents within the BBC and other companies are often a result of people not paying attention to what they are being told. Misunderstandings and miscommunications can be avoided if you can learn to listen to what people are telling you. It is rare to find an employee who will listen to instructions before doing them but by listening to instructions shows the manager that you are taking them and your duties seriously. 2. The ability to take responsibility - Be aware of your responsibilities and those of co-workers and be able to recognize how your duties affect their work load. When things go wrong, human nature is to shift the blame onto somebody else but a valuable employee with have no fear in taking responsibility for their actions. 3. The ability to take initiative - There are generally two types of workers 1) Those who wait to be told what to do, and 2) Those who think things through and keep themselves busy by finding tasks which need performing. A self motivated employee will automatically set him/herself apart from the crowd by not sitting around waiting to be told something to do. A self motivated employee who is not afraid to take initiative will gain a reputation of looking out for the employers best interests and putting the customers first. 4. Be able to give credit to others - In the same way as people shift the blame when they've done wrong, people tend to take the credit for the good work of others. Whenever a good employee is being complimented for a job well done, always share the spotlight with those who helped you to succeed, this will improve your friendships within your colleagues and will help to build trust with them. 5. The ability to be responsive - Social interaction has become a lost art in today's modern culture, people have lost the will to be polite and no longer have the common courtesy to respond properly. ...read more.


The main reason which a job description helps the recruitment process is that it cuts down the applications and cuts down time which could be wasted if this is not done. Another recruitment document within the selection process which cuts down wasted time is an accurate person specification, which is similar in ways to the job description as it describes the required needs but the person specification is more to do with the actual person rather than what qualifications they have or don't have. The person specification is used to compare candidates to the job description and the candidate is then rated as to how suitable they are for the job at hand. During the advertisement process, the BBC needs to be fully aware of the applicants rights and the BBC's responsibilities to not violate those rights, by doing this, the BBC can be sure that they do not discriminate on any grounds such as race or sexuality through its advertisement, selection techniques or its interview. Currently, they are many types of discrimination the law recognises, this ranges from general racial sexual discrimination to discrimination against married or unmarried women, because the boundaries of discrimination are as good as non-existent, the BBC and other companies need to be extremely aware of whether or not they could be discriminating against anyone when they are recruiting new staff. Overall, I think that the BBC's recruitment process is very strong in the way that they are very detailed and specific in what they are looking for and they make sure that there are no mistakes in finding the most suited candidate, but a lot of time and money goes into this process which could possibly be shortened which, if successful, could save a lot of time and money which could be invested elsewhere. Books * AQA AS Applied Business textbook by Malcolm Surridge, Tim Chapman, Stuart Merrills & Debbie Cornelius. Websites * www.bizhubz.com * www.bbc.co.uk * www.thetimes100.co.uk * www.managementhelp.org * www.working-smart.co.uk ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 Abi Bann. 4403. Wallington High School for Girls. 38 Abi Bann. 4403. Wallington High School for Girls. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level People & Operations Management section.

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