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Perfect Crafts Ltd.

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Problem Statement Perfect Crafts Ltd. Perfect Crafts Ltd is a small family business run by Mr Krishan Singh Arora and his wife, Mrs Umesh Arora. The business specialises in selling Indian and Western clothes and has two moderately big shops run at Camden Town. While Mr Arora produces all the reports of the business (all written by hand), Mrs Arora keeps track of the daily sales and profits of the business. Although their tasks are simple, it takes a long time to sort everything out at the end of the day, leaving both of them exhausted. Thus, both Mr and Mrs Arora are interested in improving and thus benefiting the part of their business which involves paperwork, from computerisation. Firstly, they want to keep track of their stock through the new system. At present all details of the stock are stored on paper. Secondly, they want to calculate on a daily and monthly basis, what their sales and profits are, and how much are they actually earning at the end of the day. Thus, the new system will store many different types of information including: * Details of all the clothes bought from the wholesalers * Details of all the clothes sold to the customers * Details of sales for each day * Details of sales for every month Mr Arora needs ...read more.


This report is kept in the Daily Reports file which is maintained by my wife. The other report is the Monthly Report which is given to our accountant and contains all the purchases and sales done in the month with Vat and tax calculated. Q.7: Right, and how long do you keep all this information for? A.7: We are required to keep this information for exactly one year, because the taxman comes every six months or so to check the records. Q.8: Exactly what is the expected output from the system? A.8: The system will need to produce the daily sales reports, monthly sales reports, and details of all the stock to be ordered every day. Q.9: Are there any employees in your company? A.9: No, being a small business, it's just me and my wife taking care of it. Q.10: How much experience do you have in using computers, and who is going to use the system? A.10:Both my wife and I have moderate experience in using computers, as both of our kids are computer whiz kids. We can easily use the Net, work with the mandatory computer facilities and use softwares, and have appropriate knowledge about the basic tasks it can perform. ...read more.


Objectives of the new system The main aims of my new system are to: * Reduce the amount of paperwork required from the manager, Mr Arora, as the new system will create all the reports. * Save time and effort for Mr Arora who is currently producing all the reports manually. * Find information about a particular item quickly. * Produce reports on a daily and monthly basis regarding the sales and stock of the business. * Have an easy-to-use system, as both Mr and Mrs Arora are computer novices. * As required by the user, the interface of the new system has to be intuitive and exciting. Figure 1.1: A page from the Stock file of Perfect Crafts Ltd Sunday, 13 October 2002 Item Number Item Description Cost Price (in pounds) Retail Price (in pounds) Quantity in stock Figure 1.2: A page from the Sales file of Perfect Crafts Ltd Sunday, 13 October 2002 Sale Number Item numbers (of items sold) Cost price of items sold Retail price of items sold Profit in items sold Figure 1.3 A page from the Incomplete Orders file of Perfect Crafts Ltd Item numbers (of items sold) Quantity left Quantity needed Figure 1.4: A page from the Completed Orders file of Perfect Crafts Ltd Date of Order Wholesaler's Name Invoice number Item numbers of items ordered Cost of Order ...read more.

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