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personal statement

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Business statistics and software engineering Business Studies is a rigorous discipline to which I find myself intensely attracted. It is inspiring how the formal and analytical nature of Business and Information computer technology can be used to tackle distinctly organic and complex concepts welfare relating society; the enmeshing of mathematized "high theory"; and "real world" dilemmas that Amartya Sen embraced. Furthermore, a Business studies and software engineering related degree would allow me to explore, in depth, a range of exciting, multidisciplinary topics as diverse as game theory, a subject only hinted at in A Level and which I would love to explore in university, international trade and development studies. I am an avid reader of 'Time Magazine', and 'The Times' having an innate interest in the machinations of the wider world. ...read more.


My choice of AS and A Levels, along with other academic achievements, help consolidate and support my desired degree choice. Business Studies and Applied ICT serves as an introduction to the fundamental skills of Business Studies and software engineering theory which will be required for the university course. Applied ICT allowed me to realize how much more there is to learn, and gave me a wider scope as to how interesting it can be in 'Real world'. As part of my ICT course I had to interview various clients from different companies and they explained to me different problems that the company faces and the solutions they have in place to solve them. It is my interest in logic that initiated me to take AS Critical Thinking, working (mainly) ...read more.


I am currently a purple belt. Active participation in school life has been rewarding like the Chinese flaw course I have taken up. I taught me about diversities in cultures. I have been determined to play in a band and learn to play an instrument; this overwhelming ambition lead me to teach myself to play guitar and form a band with members of Dartford Grammar School. I have been playing guitar for a year now and I have taught myself to grade 3. I have high ambitions, and in the future I hope to be successfully employed in a software business at a high level. In the coming summer, I would like to gain experience in the professional world, maybe with IBM or Microsoft who I am currently approaching for work experience. ?? ?? ?? ?? Ely Ochola Personal statement ...read more.

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