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PEST Analysis

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PEST Analysis: "PEST Analysis is a technique for identifying and listing the political-legal, economic, socio-cultural and technological factors in the general environment most relevant to an organisation at that time." - (www.businessdictionary.com) P - OLITICAL E - ECONOMIC S - OCIAL T - ECHNOLOGICAL Each of these factors are considered and analysed. The results are used to influence the businesses in the long-term plans. POLITICAL A recession is an economic slowdown, which we have been facing recently. The government tries to cushion the blow of effects in several ways. Due to the recession people have not been able to afford debts they owe to banks and businesses. The government has put money into banks to help them to try and prevent businesses from stopping operating because of debts. ...read more.


The government has also cut Value Added Tax from 17.5% to 15%. Less tax means chocolate prices have gone down and even more affordable and appealing to customers. However VAT is looking to go up in January 2010. ECONOMIC The economic cycle show the growth and decline of the economy over a period of time. An economic boom occurs when the national output is greater than the rate of growth. During this stage there is a high demand for goods and services so many businesses become profitable and successful so that output and employment level rise. An economic slowdown is when the rate of growth for the economy decreases, but national output still increase. Therefore during a slowdown, the economy still continues to grow but at a slower rate than during an economic boom. ...read more.


If nothing is done about this, they will receive bad publicity and a negative image, as they are not doing much to help the growing problem of keeping the environment sustainable. TECHNOLOGICAL There have been several developments of new technology over the last few decades, which will be installed in Cadbury factories. These machines are new which means they are more productive. They have been improved so that they take up less space and work much faster than the older models. This would allow Cadbury to save a lot of money, as less space is needed to keep machinery. Greater productivity means Cadbury are better equipped to meet the continual rise in demand for chocolate products. This enables them to maximise sales, which will later maximise profits. Machines are mostly automated which means Cadbury will require less staff in the production process, meaning Cadbury can save money on employment costs. ...read more.

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