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Pizza Pan is an Australian company who has developed two new styles of frozen pizza. They are planning to promote these in Malaysia. Marketing goals and the marketing mix.

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1) To outline possible marketing goals for Pizza Pan in promoting these new products Pizza Pan is an Australian company who has developed two new styles of frozen pizza. One of the pizzas is a light-cheese, single-size and whole meal pizza whereas another pizza favor is a jumbo, topping-plus pizza. Since Malaysia is a multicultural country and is on its way to the rapid changing society which is surrounding with the hyper-competitors. Therefore, Pizza Pan Company is considering undertaking a promotional campaign to market these new varieties in Malaysia. In order to promote the Pizza Pan new products, the company has to plan ahead the marketing goals. One of the marking goals is becoming the market share leader of frozen pizza products amongst its other competitors. For instance, during the first promotional of the new products, the Australian company is targeting the sales of RM2 billions for the frozen pizzas with low price strategy to gain the market share during the growth of life-cycle. Another marketing goal is creating consumer awareness. The company is aiming of leveling up the 70% of product awareness amidst its competitors. The company would be beneficial from a growth in new customers who are turned into long-term customers. In turns, the sales of the new products can be increased due to the reason of the good brand image is setting on the minds of consumers and they are willingly to give a new try because of the human curiosity to figure out of how creativity of the new products can meet their satisfaction comparing to the standards favor of frozen pizza. ...read more.


The geographical target market for the company is Malaysia. The company is targeting for the metropolitan such as Kuala Lumpur which is the capital of Malaysia and Penang as the second high population area. However, the company would only develop the two new products to other urban area and rural area in accordance to the sales rate which is showing the response of new consumers. Besides that, it is also due to the reason that rural area people are more dependable to their own agricultural consumptions which is generated in a traditional way for many decades instead of spending on a new product. Moreover, the new products are available in shopping malls, grocery shops and even schools. Another target markets owing to psychographic is individuals who value their health and diet. They are those who have a fast-paced life and don't seem to have much time on their hands. They are those who find it difficult to fit in something health for lunch as anything that is "fast" is fast-food. For example, frozen pizza is quick, easy and delicious at the same time can have for lunch. The home oriented is the people who are willingly to stay in the house rather than hanging out for their lunch or dinner. For example, couch potatoes or game- addicts who are more likely to do multitask, similar to watching while eating. Hence, frozen pizza is the alternative choice for them or appropriate for the night oriented person who is hard to fill up his or her starvation in night time. ...read more.


The main promotion will be a coupon to purchase "The Deluxe" and receive a packet of sauces which includes many favors. The objectives of this promotion are to introduce a new product, stimulate demand, change the short-term behavior of the customers, and encourage repeat or greater usage by current customers. This promotion will be distributed mainly by mail, but also by fliers on college campuses or supermarket malls in order to reach the target market. "The Deluxe" will be published in the newspapers or magazines that are popular with the target market such as STAR, New Straits Times, Woman weekly, Galaxy and Seventeen. Although advertisements are not cheap, Pizza Pan is an Australian company who is preparing the financial resources to advertise. The young people will then eat "The Deluxe" with their favor sauces. There will also the teaser banners will be bought to be displayed on bus stops, lampposts or even the Billboard announcements will be placed wherever on the highways for the travelers to notice it. Thu, the advertisements campaign can create awareness of the new product in the target markets. In conclusion, the promotion of new frozen pizza to the market generates Pizza Pan is the product awareness amongst its new consumers in frozen pizza market. The level of success that the "Deluxe Pizza" will bring Pizza Pan depends heavily on the correct promotions mix. As stated earlier, the segment of the market that we have targeted is a very diverse group. This means that the promotion of the product must be done in a diverse style. This will result in a more expensive advertising campaign; however, the potential for a successful product will cover the costs and bring in substantial profit. ...read more.

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