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Possible advertisings schemes for Maqsoods / Advantages and Disadvantages

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Bibliography I have used the following publications in doing my research assignment. * A-Level Business Studies edited by Ian Chambers * A-Level Business Studies study guide edited by David Floyd * Marketing - David Evans Oxford University express * Bedford central library for newspaper cutouts * Sainsbury's annual review 2000 * Ali's business book * Encyclopedia 2000 Apart from books I also used Internet websites: * systems com/confExpos/vics 2000/awards html. * PROMOTIONAL ASPECTS OF MAQSOODS Promotion is the attempt to draw attention to a product or business to gain new customers or retain existing ones. They are often referred to above the line and below the line. Above the line promotion would be through independent media, such as television or newspapers. ...read more.


Younger audience targeted. Posters Most groups covered. Limited amount of information. May encourage impulse buying through location close to shop. Difficult to measure effectiveness. Seen repeatedly. Weather and graffiti can ruin posters. Excellent for small sharp messages. Internet Can be accessed from your own home Don't get to look at the product Easily obtainable Can be expensive only a local shop In wide use Availability can be known beforehand Looking at the advantages and disadvantages of possible advertising schemes. I would recommend Maqsoods to use Radio and the Internet as major advertising schemes. As you can see from the chart below that 50% of the customers prefer radio as their main choice of advertising, 37% think the Internet and 13% prefer local newspapers and posters. ...read more.


It features only information about the Maqsoods and often is placed between news sections or in the center of the paper. In many instances, Maqsoods can elect to send the insert to certain roads s within the newspaper's circulation they are not obligated to advertise to an entire readership. Friendly with Community From sponsoring a youth sports team to donating services to an organization's fund-raising events, supporting the community will promote further name recognition. It will also put the business in good standing with area residents. Can use every opportunity to join local chambers of commerce and become involved in the community. When he becomes a member of community affiliations, he can promote and support by hanging plaques and signs in your lobby. Additional opportunities for community involvement include donations to schools and children's programs or volunteering for community groups and events. ...read more.

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