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Power Point Presentation.

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PowerPoint Presentation Identify Statement of the problem My family and I are big fans of Manchester United, we all have season tickets, and therefore I am always going up to Old Trafford for the home games. Last week, when I was there for a match against Blackburn, I went into the Manchester United Megastore. The shop was full of them teams merchandise, and as big as the shop was, there was nothing there about the team itself and the history of Manchester United. I spoke to the manager and he got me in touch with Alex Ferguson, the team manager. I mentioned to him, my thoughts on the shop and ideas that I had and he asked me to make a presentation on the history of the team. I agreed and told him I would get back to him with the initial designs. The presentation will include history on the team from the year 1878 up until the present day. There will be information on the different managers through the years, the various cups they have won and the players themselves. It is recognised that the actual users of the system will in fact be the Manchester United fans that are shopping in the megastore. Since they are not easy to get in contact with, Alex Ferguson will be the user as far as this project is concerned. ...read more.


7. The system must include the following: * General team information. * Information about the megastore. * History on the team. * History on the managers. * Information about Old Trafford. * A title screen or 'Home Page'. 8. Slides must include some animation effects. 9. The system must include transition effects when one slides changes to another. 10. The slides must be in colour. 11. It must not take more than 5 seconds for someone new to computers to learn how to use the system. Analyse Appropriate Software and Hardware The package that I will be using will be Microsoft PowerPoint. This is the only software that will be needed, other than MS Windows in which it runs. PowerPoint is the leading presentation graphics program and comes wit MS Office, which Alex Ferguson already owns. A graphics program will also be used to manipulate the pictures image once they have been scanned in or copied from the Internet. The hardware required would be a scanner with which to scan in some of the photographs that have been taken of the team, and a digital camera, which I can borrow to take some pictures of the stadium. These can be imported into PowerPoint directly from the camera using the Insert, Picture, From Scanner or Camera command on the menu. ...read more.


There will be no speakers attached to the computer because sounds can become very annoying when they are played over and over again in a public area. A printer is not required since all the information will be displayed on screen. Fans can write down any information they want to take away with them. A printer would add extra cost to the implementation of the system. Backup / security strategy The computer file containing the presentation must be backed up onto floppy disk each time the system is updated. This copy should be kept at a different location from the computer hard disk that the presentation is stored on, in case there is a fire or flood at the premises. A backup copy also needs to be made when the system is first installed on Alex Ferguson's computer hard drive. Since there can be many different people in the megastore at a time, some of the main computer hardware needs to be protected from vandalism or tampering. The CPU and keyboard should be locked away from the fans because they will not need access to these pieces of equipment. Only the mouse will be needed to operate the system. A password could be added to the system to make it read only. This way the presentation can be loaded but not changed without the password. Alex Ferguson should use a password that is personal to him and not too easy for someone else to guess. ...read more.

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