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Presentation on Operations Aspect of E and M commerce

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Presentation on Operations Aspect of E and M commerce. Talk on E commerce by Lucy. Background History The Internet is projected to grow faster than any other technology invented in human history. Electronic commerce has accounted for 1.3 % to 3.3%of the world's global domestic product in 2001. The biggest growth in Electronic commerce is expected to come from trading in software, education, entertainment, finance and other professional services. The term e-commerce is used widely across many disciplines, and is evolving at a rate equally as swift as the technology supporting the process. Some definitions broadly hold that e- commerce encompasses all electronically facilitated business processes, including data transfers among buyers, sellers, and various other supply chain entities. Other definitions such as IBM's "electronic business" definition include an internet-specific relationship wherein business processes are electronically facilitated through Internet technologies. However the simplest definition I found as a basis to understand e commerce is "transactions carried out over the internet", i.e. the buying, selling and marketing on the Internet. ...read more.


In a very real sense, e commerce has its origins in the bulletin boards of the 1970's. In those years which we could call the Jurassic period of computing, the dinosaurs i.e. the mainframe computers were facing extinction, and the earliest of mammals i.e. minicomputers and birds i.e.PC were evolving rapidly, each spawning a new form of communication. What made bulletin boards effective was the ability to broadcast information. Early bulletin boards provided us with the first digital billboards. In the 1970's, no microcomputer user could live without them E commerce was born of the mindset using digital networks to connect consumers and suppliers electronically. The role of IT One of the major problems with IT industry, since the first computer was produced, has been the inability to forecast with any degree of accuracy both the size of market an how the technology will be used. The mid and late 1980's saw further changes in the use of IT in business. The role of IT became strategic. ...read more.


Surveys have also shown that B2B e- commerce will continue to outpace B2C e commerce in all countries and emerging technologies such as wireless devices are changing Internet markets. Effective operations management, which gives a company the potential to improve revenues and service, would apply all the previous operations aspects to the management of their e commerce section. So that ultimately only a very high standard of service is provided leading the company to have a competitive advantage. E commerce is definitely one if the most important aspects for businesses looking into the future. We believe that the best approach is to use e commerce as a channel of doing business. Certain businesses will survive and flourish but the majority are likely to fall by the wayside. The need to be responsive to the changing environment is yet another characteristic which e commerce demands. Businesses should not have an over-reliance on technology to overcome the weakness of a bad business model, but use it as a support to carry their initial ideas and business model. Thanks for listening and I will now hand you over to Colin who is going to talk about M commerce. ...read more.

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