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Priceline.com - e-business case study.

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY I. Exec. Summary II. Introduction to priceline.com Market Factors III. Business Models IV. Competition V. Competition VI. Legal Issues VII. Legal Issues VIII. Security IX. Order Fulfillment X. References XI. Appendix A XII. Sources Introduction: Priceline.com is an Internet-based transactional service that offers products in two categories: a travel service that offers leisure airline tickets, hotel rooms, rental cars, packaged vacations and cruises; and a personal finance service that markets home mortgages, refinancing and home equity loans through an independent licensee. In addition to its U.S. operations, priceline.com owns Priceline.co.uk, a London-based online travel service and is an investor in an Asian travel service, also called Priceline that operates in Hong Kong and Singapore. In addition to its Name Your Own Price travel services, priceline.com also markets fixed-price, retail travel products through Internet travel site LowestFare.com. Priceline.com acquired the domain names and trademarks for LowestFare.com in 2002. Priceline.com licenses its business model to independent licensees, including Priceline Mortgage and certain international licensees. E-Business Market Factors and Business Models: Creativity Priceline.com have aggressively entered new growth areas such as new geographical areas and new product lines compared to what they offered as a product when they first started.1 Improved productivity and Customer Service Innovation For Priceline.com customer service is everything, and the Web site and contact centres offer the company's only chance to do it well. The reason why it is successful is because of the IT operation that is set in place. ...read more.


Note the abundance of competing sites that visitors travel to: www.skyauction.com, www.expedia.com, www.orbitz.com, www.hotwire.com and also to banks - perhaps to verify their account balances before booking their vacation. Legal issues: With the "Name Your Own Price" services, priceline.com and pricelinemortgage are the leaders in the field of electronic commerce and true innovators in the way people buy the things they need. They are very adamant about keeping customers privacy online. This is represented in their clearly displayed privacy policy and privacy promise.5 The information collected and stored by Priceline.com includes names, addresses, credit card numbers and other personally-identifying information of customers of the Site who make purchase requests. This information is saved in a secure environment and is kept in records to make it easier for customers' to use the services on return visits. Priceline.com use "cookies" technology. Cookies are small bits of code, usually stored on a user's computer hard drive, which enable a Web site to "personalize" itself for each user. They use cookies to reduce the time it takes for customers to submit purchase requests. No third party has access to the information they collect this way. Priceline.com also have a "disable cookies" button which will turn them off. Information collected by priceline.com or pricelinemortgage is stored in a single, secure database, accessible only by priceline.com and pricelinemortgage. Name's, address's, credit card number's or any other personally-identifying information are not revealed to any participating seller, manufacturer, retailer, or sponsor of priceline.com. ...read more.


under the "name your own price" section. Airlines then file unpublished fares and rules for Priceline Tickets with the computer reservation system ("CRS") used by Priceline Travel. Once there is an agreement between priceline, the airlines and the customer, the tickets are sent. Wherever possible, priceline send electronic tickets (e-ticket). Ticketless travel is becoming more widespread and is more efficient than sending out paper tickets. All you need to do is bring your booking reference to the check-in desk. All a customer has to do is to print out their email confirmation, or the confirmation booking page, and bring it with them. When electronic ticketing is not an option the following charges apply: If the departure date is more than 7 days from booking date then a document issue and delivery fee of �5 per booking will apply. If the departure date is 7 days or less from booking date then a document issue and special delivery charge of �10 per booking will apply. Tickets are sent out 7 days before the date of departure. If the customer has booked within 10 days of there departure date priceline can arrange special delivery of the tickets at the above costs. If the above options are not available they will arrange a Ticket on Departure. But this has a �25 surcharge in addition to any charges applied by the airline. Priceline only take bookings for customers who provide an UK delivery address, which must be the same as the credit card billing address. ...read more.

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