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Primaray and Secondary Research for my chosen business

Extracts from this document...


Task 3 (AO3) Market Research Boots have so far done, concentrated on selling cameras and camcorders. Now they want to move into a new market segment by introducing a DVD camcorder to their range. They think there is a big enough market for such as a DVD camcorder, even though there are quite a few DVD camcorders already being sold. As I have already mentioned that the DVD camcorder will be unique by having a UMD memory card slot. They will need to find out more before they go ahead with developing this idea further. The job of the Marketing Department at Boots is to carry out the market research, to find out consumer reaction to their idea and weather there is a big enough demand for a new DVD Camcorder. The Marketing manager will then write a report and make recommendations to the directors; on the possibility of introducing a new DVD Camcorder and the type of DVD camcorder the target audience may want. Market research Market research is a way in which my business can understand and be aware of the activities of competitors before I can develop my marketing strategy. Market research is categorised into two types of research. One of these is Primary research (or field research). Primary research - is the gathering of 'raw' data, designed to fit the business's research objectives and requirements. One problem that many people see in primary research is the expense of it e.g. a survey. One way to potentially get around this problem is syndicated research, where the 'information seekers' join to carryout the research. Another major type of research is secondary research, otherwise known as Desk research. This is the gathering and analysis of already available information. Therefore, the company does not have to actually carryout surveys etc, but just look up information that they need, this is where the Internet is most useful! ...read more.


Black was the most frequent answer. Eleven people would want a black DVD Camcorder. This will have an affect on my marketing proposal as I will make sure that the new DVD Camcorder is black because 11/20 people said the colour of a DVD Camcorder they would buy is black. This makes it the popular colour; therefore having the new product black will attract the customers as the product will be designed to their satisfaction. From the bar graph above I can see that not many people shop at Boots for Electronic Goods. Twelve people out of twenty people chose to tick number two on the like hurt scale which represents not so often RESULTS OVERALL FROM MY QUESTIONNAIRE From the results of all my questions that I asked and the answers I obtained it seems that the product I should market is male range of DVD Camcorder. The age group I should aim my product at is 15-20 as this was the dominating age group in my questionnaire. The results are going to be bias towards them. So my questionnaire results are bias towards males that are in the age range 15-20. According to my results I found out that selling the new DVD Camcorder at Dixons might be promoted enough because many people would purchase the new DVD Camcorder from their. Also I need to promote my DVD Camcorder elsewhere. According to my questionnaire the most popular brand of Electronic Goods is Sony. The price that people were most willing to pay for a new DVD camcorder with new features was �201 - �250 of the people that I questioned were willing to pay this amount. Majority of the people that I questioned said it is not essential for having sales promotion in terms of encouraging you to buy DVD camcorder, this means that I should not pay that much work into designing the promotional methods as many people said that they are not essential. ...read more.


But then those younger people will get older, and some of the C1s, C2s and Ds may get promotion to the point where they can afford your car. Age and social grade classifications do not work precisely but they help the advertiser to get reasonably close to the audience I have been able to get some information on the facts and figures on advertising figures to use. This information as it shows me, which forms of advertising are the best ones to use. This information shows me where the most money was spent on advertising. It showed me that the three main advertisements where the most money was spent on were television, national newspapers and regional newspapers. So therefore this is useful so I can therefore later on apply this to my marketing strategy where I have to decide on the type of promotion I am going to use. This is shown in the appendices 1. Also later on it shows which newspaper would be the best one to use. Looking at this data the tabloid newspapers are the most popular e.g. the sun. This also shows me which channel would be the best one to use on television. So I can apply this to my marketing strategy as to what channel is the one to choose. In conclusion the DVD Camcorder is seen as an electronic good, which is rather popular, the price will be lowered and by advertising, the consumers will be aware of the latest technology in camcorders. The best method is TV and prime time will be the best as it has a high audience even though it is expensive. This secondary information is really useful as it allows me to see what is the best form of advertisement is and when the best time is to advertise. ?? ?? ?? ?? Unit 1 - Creating A Marketing Proposal Waseem Hussain 2541 Deacons School 22321 17 ...read more.

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