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Primary and secondary research.

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Many options would be available to an individual wishing to undertake some research and all involve the use of what is termed primary and secondary research. What is Primary Research? Primary research involves the collection and analysis of raw data through surveys, experiments, interviews etc. The data are analysed and the results or findings are then discussed and evaluated. New knowledge is produced, because the researcher gathers new information through direct investigation. What is Secondary Research? Secondary research is based on reading and it is sometimes called 'library research'. It involves reading what other researchers have written about the issues involved in a topic. The arguments of these researchers are compared and evaluated and conclusions are drawn. This is often called synthesising. ...read more.


The completion of a questionnaire can carried out through a mail drop or group activity or as a one to one structure interview. Observations There are two principle types of observation participant and non - participant. Observations can be regarded as either structured or unstructured. What primary sources are available? * Email contact * Event * Discussion * Artefact * Observation * Debate A good example of a primary source is a book called, The Diary of Ann Frank. Secondary research is the use of information that others have collected secondary research is an essential part of primary research as the researcher needs to be fully ware of that other people have studied in relation to their own work. Secondary sources are second hand and therefore may be biased towards the views of the person or organisation that produced them, also the information ...read more.


These include cross sectional and longitudinal studies. Cross Sectional Study A cross sectional study is based upon the investigation of people at a particular moment in time, for example, finding out different people's opinions about the coming war. Longitudinal Research Longitudinal research studies individuals or groups over a period of time and even in some cases over years, for example studying the development of a baby from birth to six months. The problem with longitudinal studies in the time required to complete them, for example the person you are carrying out your study on may die. When researching you must be careful not to copy the other persons work. Plagiarism is the direct copying of someone else's work and is against copyright law, however it is possible to use someone else's work as long as the original author is acknowledged. Task 1 Claire McNeill 707 words Claire McNeill Health Studies Research ...read more.

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