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Primary research and secondary research

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The research plan is based on all the data that I will collect for my primary research. I will include the following in my primary research. Primary research: - Primary research is original and collected to solve the problem in hand. Primary research usually involves having to search out and collect information that is new. There are many ways to conduct primary research. Primary research data is data that did not exist before. It is designed to answer specific questions of interest to the business. However the research is original, the results gathered will be more relevant to the needs of the Client. In this report I am going to explore primary research on a major soft drink company known as Thames water. In this primary research I will be carrying out research on people from age 14-19 year old. All these ages are from year 10 to year 13. In this research these people will be asked about their favourite soft drinks and their feedback. Further, my research will include both male and female. This research will take place in free periods, break and lunch time. The research will be mainly carried out in study centre, library and connect, where most of the students come together. ...read more.


Secondary Research: - Secondary research uses data that has been collected for other objectives than the companies own or the data already exists. The secondary research will be carried out through internet. I will be looking at different website to collect as most details as possible. I will reference these websites along with dates. The secondary research will asking school canteen about water sales. The main questions will include such as "how many bottle of water they sell each day, each week and each month. The back up information will be from Thames Water Company. To get the information about Thames water I have to research in independent grocers which is a retail magazine and some marketing agencies such as Mental. The methods that I used was looking at the Internet, Newspaper articles and physically interviewing the canteen staff in the school. The reason I have choose this methods is because the information was already available. The news article already has some graph chart which gives me clear information about different people and different things. The internet articles were easy to access. The interview with the staff was more thriving because it gave me a wide quantity of knowledge about the water sales in the school. ...read more.


Each bottle price is the same. As continue in the interview I further find out that most people don't like fizzy water while most of the school staff buys it. Every day the canteen staff supervisor "Steven" orders four packs. Each pack contain 24 bottles, so in total they get about 96 bottle. 48 of the bottle are still while the other 48 are fizzy. Why did I choose secondary research? The main reason for choosing secondary research is that it is already available in different sources such as I used internet for articles and ask member of staff for more details. It was easy to carry out this research and it saves a lot of my time. The internet articles were easy to access as well as the school staff was helpful as well. The other benefit of secondary research is that it can be shared with every one else, so more and more information can be obtain from other students. The other dominant of secondary research is that it relies of facts and opinion of primary research sources. The secondary research involves all the summary of the whole research carried out by the primary research. The secondary research can be either from internal or external resources. ?? ?? ?? ?? P2 and M2 Jawad Ali (12SDE) ??? ???? 28/11/2009 ...read more.

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