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Principal benefits of internet marketing - examples of how companies use the internet.

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Principal benefits of internet marketing Up to date product Information Up to date information is a principal benefit of internet marketing because by updating product information consumers will know about what they are being offered and what customers will receive. It is vital that product information is up to date because if customers receive a product which they have bought from the internet and it does not match the criteria from the information already provided before buying the product then customers will return the product and may want to put in a complaint too, hence affecting the businesses reputation negatively and also negative feedback may also be left. For example www.ebay.co.uk is one of the websites which have many problems of not listing the product information which is up to date by its sellers. However when the buyer receives the product and it does not match the product description then there is a system in place which allows direct contact with the customer and seller to resolve any issues through a email method and if the dispute isn't solved then a company called PayPal review the matter and decide who's favour the matter should end and then they are refunded back by PayPal. ...read more.


However there is a disadvantage of it too because the product or service online isn't tangible hence when comparing prices it would be hard to check the quality is worth for the price however now a days more customers behaviours are changing in the way they shop and there is a rapid increase of more people comparing prices online and also buying online regardless of having no access to tangibility. Dynamic Pricing Dynamic Pricing is also a principle benefit for not customers but manufactures. This is because they are able to increase prices for their most popular demanded products. It is crucial that manufactures identify this as it be beneficial for them in the long term and help them to not only make profit but also customers may spread the word of mouth from where they have bought the demanded product from and hence leading to more customers buying from that manufacturer. For example the Apple I-phone is one of the most popular and demanded product by its customers and apple have seen an increase in the demands for the phone recently and they were producing double the amount of Apple I-phones than which was expected and they are currently trying their best to meet the needs of its customers ...read more.


Customer to Customer experience Customer to customer experiences is very beneficial for internet marketing as customers discuss about products and services they have bought and could post on certain web pages whether they are satisfied with the products or not. Certain online businesses allow interaction between their customers for example www.amazon.com who allow customers to post feeds after they have bought the product hence letting other customers who are may be buying the same product whether the product is worth it or not and they could review the product properly. This will then let other customers what they are being offered and whether they should buy the product or service or not and if negative feedback is left then another customer wanting to buy the product may think twice before buying the product or service. Some online businesses also allow customers to live chat on the internet such as www.walmart.com who want its customers share their experiences with each other whilst building a bridge in business terms but yet allowing personal discussions. However the problem with that are customers can put complaints through if something bad is said or something the customers whilst discussing something do not agree upon is concluded and this could lead to poor online reputation for Walmart in the long term. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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