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Principles of customer service and methods used to monitor them in two organisations. P2 benefits of good customer service and what happens when theres bad customer service in the two organisations.

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Task 1 Customer service P1 principles of customer service and methods used to monitor them in two organisations. P2 benefits of good customer service and what happens when there's bad customer service in the two organisations. P3 how different customers' needs influence the service provided by the two organisations Part One the Principles of Customer Service Introduction A customer is an individual with specific needs when buying products and services and expects a very high level of service in meeting those needs. Customer service involves providing Products and services that meet the needs of the customer and satisfy their demands. This is particularly applies to travel and tourism (a people industry) where the success of any business depends and providing customers with a high level of customer service. Customer service is all about finding out what the customer wants and making sure it is delivered; making sure there is every chance the customer will recommend the organisation; getting the details right every time; exceeding customer expectations; putting the customer first and at the centre of everything. In recent years customers have come to expect more from the products and services they are buying. What once may have been an added extra is now often a necessity. This is especially so when the travel and tourism industry. ...read more.


From looking at their website my first immediate impression is that it is definitely the right one! Logo When you see anything with the trademark name Virgin on a plane or in a store, on CD covers or anywhere else; you know who it comes from and what brand it is straight away from the bright red labels. The virgin websites are all like this, which is good it emphasises just how recognisable their logo is. Premises I cannot visit any of their premises for this investigation but from being in Virgin media stores before I remember that it was well laid out, easy to find the products you were looking for, and like other music stores had low level aisles so it made the place look bigger and more spacious. Meeting customer needs Virgin aims to meet customers' needs; and with Virgin Atlantic, they have a department dedicated to helping their passengers with special travel needs, providing a broad range of services to make their journey as comfortable as possible. The Special Assistance department creates a specific plan for each passenger to ensure that their special travel needs are fulfilled. These needs vary from special meals to providing mobility aids at the airport. Customer service policies When it comes to customer service, Virgin has links on the website to many helpful pages including a list of FAQs which explains just about everything you could possibly want to know as a customer. ...read more.


Benefits of good service to the employer The employer will achieve business success if customer expectations are satisfied and exceeded. For the employer; increased sales and profits and profits mean customers may buy more products or services and will want to repeat business when they enjoy themselves but this will only happen when a good service is provided to the customer. The employer himself will gain a good PR (reputation) as a strong share of market continues to grow. As an organisation the Magherabuoy can compete more strongly by reducing complaints and complaints can only be reduce through providing a good service. Benefits of good service to customer Will feel satisfied. Will have enjoyed experience. Be encouraged to return again, therefore a repeat business is assured. Will feel they receive real value for their money. Consequences Employer Minor problems can cascade into more serious situations. Revenue lost. Customers lost Image and reputation damaged Competitive advantage is lost Market share decrease Financial success undermined Employee Customers pay wages so if poor customer service is offered.... Higher level of complaints to deal with Difficult working environment... low staff motivation Threay of job security. If losses made, job not secure No oppertunities for promotion May not get good employee ref Hotel wont achieve 4* Customer Needs not met they go elsewere Org cant afford to loose customer... they depend on customer Competitors will pick up your business ?? ?? ?? ?? Joanne Watson Customer Service Task 1 April 2008 1 ...read more.

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