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Problems with the current System - creating a new system

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TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION 3 Background 3 The Current System 3 REQUIREMENTS OF THE NEW SYSTEM 4 REQUIREMENTS OF THE NEW SYSTEM 5 General objectives 5 Specific Objectives - Quantitative 5 Specific Objectives - Qualitative 5 CONSTRAINTS 6 Hardware 6 Software 6 User's IT skills and knowledge 6 SPECIFICATION 7 SPECIFICATION 8 Requirements Specification 8 INPUT, OUTPUT AND PROCESSING NEEDS 9 Input 9 Processes 10 Outputs 11 Design 11 CANDIDATE INFORMATION 12 12 Find a candidate 12 Find a Candidates ID number 12 Find Details about a candidate 12 Find a list of exams a candidate has been entered for 12 View a list of all candidates on this system 12 Enter a new candidate 12 EXAM DETAILS 13 Introduction Background A secondary school holds many different exams around the school year, students who attend the exams need to know where, when and what the exams are, and also the particular seat assigned to them. There are about 200-300 end user's (candidates), and one administrator who inputs all candidate details, exam courses available in the school, and which candidates are taking which courses. The administrator then has to supply each candidate with their candidate number, a list of all exam courses they are taking, the location of the exam and which seat has been assigned to them. The Current System The current system is an A3 page of a plan of the seating arrangement, with a candidate number assigned to each separate seat. This plan is placed outside the exam room so that each student can find out their seating number. The candidates are supplied with a sheet that tells them their candidate number, what exams they are taking, the date the exam is being held, the location of the exam, and the seat number that has been assigned for each exam. ...read more.


Output and Processing needs In this area I shall be talking about how the new system will be used in terms of inputs, processing, and a final outcome. Input Input Explanation Example The candidate's details must be entered to assign them a candidate number When a candidate needs to be assigned an ID number, they type in their details into a form, and the system automatically assigns them the next available number. Candidate enters "Bob Hotchkins", the system creates an autonumber candidate ID as "7184" The candidate's details must be entered to find out the candidates number When a candidate needs to find out their Candidate ID Number, they enter their name in a search query, the system then searches the list of names, and the system displays the candidates ID number Candidate enters the name "Bob Hotchkins" in a search field, the system then searches the list of names, and displays the number "7184" The candidate's number must be entered to find out the details about exams they are taking When a candidate needs to find out what exams they are taking, they enter their ID in a search query, the system then searches the list of candidate ID's, and displays the exams for which that candidate has been entered for. Candidate enters "7184" in a search field, the system searches for the Candidate ID, and displays the information "English, Science, Geography & German" with dates, locations and seat number assigned for each exam. Input Explanation Example The candidates' details must be entered so that they can be assigned their various exams & the reports can be handed out to the correct people. ...read more.


I will decide on the correct format during my implementation. Find Exams Being Taken by a Particular Candidate This will work in the same way as the "Find a list of exams a candidate has been entered for" form in the Candidates information sub-menu. The reason I have entered it twice is because it will be less stressful if someone is looking for this option, but navigates to the wrong sub-menu. Enter a new exam Like the "enter a new candidate" field, but has field ent ries for all the different exam details. View a List of all Exams This button will bring up a report containing all the exams' details. This part of the system need not work with so much speed, as the main exam administrator operates it in preparation for an exam. Exam Handout Sheets This button will bring up the following sub-menu: * Candidate ID - a number assigned to each candidate so that they can be seated in the correct order * Candidate Name - the name of the candidate, this can be used in a query to find out the candidate ID of a particular individual, e.g. if they forget it. * Candidate Telephone Number - to contact the candidate, e.g. if they miss the exam or there is a problem. * Exam Paper Number - a number assigned to each individual subject paper, this can be used in a report to tell the candidates what exams they are taking * Exam Paper - so the candidate knows which exam they are taking - in a report, this information must be verified. * Exam Board - so the candidate knows which board their exam is being held by Matthew Stone Candidate Number: 7232 Page 1 of 15 ...read more.

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