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Produce a marketing strategy for is CCL computers ltd.

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Marketing Task 1 The business that I am going to produce a marketing strategy for is CCL computers ltd. The reason why I have decided to do a marketing strategy for them is because their only way of advertising products to customers is on the Internet so they don't get a lot of feedback and also they don't know if there would be any potential customers if they found other ways of advertising as well. They might also want to know what the prices of rival firms goods are. In order to do this assignment I will have to collect information about rival firms and about CCL computers ltd potential customers and ways they could advertise to get these customers. There are two types of research, which could help me to collect the information, primary and secondary. Primary research is where you gather the information directly and secondary research is where you use someone else's information that has already been collected. Primary research Advantages 1. All the information collected will be up to date 2. All the information collected will be relevant, this means it will be useful to me and it will be how I want it. Disadvantages 1. This method of research can be expensive 2. This method of research can be time consuming Secondary research Advantages 1. The information is already gathered and processed. ...read more.


The disadvantages are: The survey is limited to only the people who have a telephone. 4. Panel surveys - this is where a group of people are asked questions regularly. The advantages of this are: They can monitor the views of the members over time, More truthful answers are usually received. The disadvantages are: Panel members may change over time, Members may be set in their views. When you carry out a survey there are various sampling techniques to get a sample of the population. The two basic types of sampling are random or non-random. Random or Probability samples- this is where every member of the population has an equal chance of being chosen. In this type of sampling there are various methods they are: > Simple random sampling- this is where a sample is drawn at random from the population, usually with the help of a computer. > Systematic sampling- this is where a numerical formula is used to select the sample of the population e.g. every tenth person is chosen to do the survey. > Stratified sampling- this is where a sample is taken from a particular strata (type of people) of the population e.g. those in the age group of 25-35. > Cluster sampling- this is where the population is divided into a number of distinct clusters, e.g. ...read more.


Here is a chart to show my results: 3. Do you have a pc in your house? - I chose this question because I wanted to see out of all the people I asked how many of them had a pc in their household. This would help me because if the people answered no to this question I could thank them for their time and go and ask somebody else. It would also help me because it would show me out of the sample how many had a pc and how many didn't so that I could see how many potential customers there would be. My results showed that out of the 30 people I asked 23 of them owned a pc and 7 of them didn't. This showed me that the majority of my sample had a pc in their household. Here is a chart to show my results: 4. Do you buy parts for your pc (e.g. harddrives, cd drives etc.)?- I chose this question because I wanted to see how many people aged 16-19 buy parts for their pc. This would help me because I would know how many people would probably be attracted to CCL through advertising. My result showed me that 15 0f the people buy parts regularly, 3 don't buy parts and 5 sometimes buy parts. Here is a chart to show my results: 5. ...read more.

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