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Production and Quality in Scott Bader.

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PRODUCTION AND QUALITY Production and Quality is an important function in any business, it is the basis for meeting customer needs. Scott Bader is an international company, which operates in 90 countries worldwide there, are manufacturing sites and networks of agents and distributives all around the world. There are some lean production methods, which companies use to reduce waste and cost of production for a business like Scott Bader to be successful, and efficient they must have a good production and quality control system. They could have use Just-In-Time this method is used to mainly reduce production times and costs it also reduces the amount of unused stock left in the business. Supplies and raw materials turn up at the factory as they are needed, resulting in very little unused/unneeded stock sitting doing nothing this means cash flow is improves as the money is not tied up in stock and can be used somewhere else in the business, this could backfire if new customers are not taken into account and the business may struggle to meet orders if their suppliers do not deliver on time. As the business is very unlikely to buy stock in bulk because of wastage then it will not benefit from economies of scale which could in fact save them time and money in the long-run. Each stage of the production process finishes just before the next stage is due to commence and therefore the lead-time is significantly reduced. ...read more.


Scott Bader believes that, "Everybody in this country touches something from the Wollaston plant everyday of their lives." Scott Bader's new investment programme means they make less volume of product but increases the amount of flexibility, which is vital for keeping up with changing technology and changing customer needs. Scott Bader does not use the Cell Production method because they feel it is more relevant to assembly production. This method of manufacturing an item is done by organising workers into 'cells' (groups) within the factory, with each cell comprising of several workers who each have different skills to offer. Each cell is independent of the other cells and will usually produce a complete item, and each cell will also usually have an output target to achieve for a given period of time. If Scott Bader used this method of production they would benefit form the improved job satisfaction and motivation their staff would get out of it, the quality of their goods would rise because the quality is looked is a responsibility for the whole group. Their staffs become more multi-skilled and stockholdings are reduced which they are looking for at the moment. Scott Bader prefer more of a specialised workforce which means that the worker specialises in their best skill which means overall quality is excellent, also cell production is not very regular, it is slower than other production methods and different groups will go at different speeds more machinery may be needed because of the amount of groups. ...read more.


Scott Bader think it is important to visit customers so that they can understand there working process so to have an intimate understanding. Louis Hubert Guilloux, the export sales manager of composites at Scott Bader - France, says, "It's a state of mind, you must be ready to meet the needs of the customer even for medium sized orders." Scott Bader revealed that consistency is very important to them; they have never had a batch sent back making life so much easier. They have embarked on a huge investment programme this year in the polyester plant and it would build an infrastructure to make them more flexible it would give them the ability to respond faster to changing customer needs. Scott Bader tries to establish a partnership relationship with their customers because they understand that it is a two-way process. "We need to listen to what our customers are telling us and then we need to act on that. I think Scott Bader's attitude to customer needs is great they have the right idea they form customer loyalties and make a good name for themselves. Scott Bader also give a good after sales care service they provide particularly with technical support - people in the technical team can go out to visit customers and will bring the product back in-house to get their technical people to look at it and resolve any problems they are having. Scott Bader also helps customers with the safety issues of their products like how to store them, ventilation, temperatures, and the use of right equipment. This in a way is abit like adding value. ...read more.

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