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professional training and development

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Pass 2, Task 2 Introduction; In this task, I will describe the process of identifying training needs to meet organizations objectives; I will write a report on Marks & Spencer. Marks and Spencer is one of the best-known British retailers, with more than 450 stores within the UK, employing more than 65,000 people. The company also operates outside of the UK, where it has a developing business in places as far as Hong Kong. The change which affected Marks and Spencer; In recent years UKs retailing industry has been famous for its strong competition, leaving customers much more aware of where they want to shop for products/services. Customers prefer to shop at a place in which they know is reasonable in price, and also offers good quality products and services. Customers also know which type of shopping experience they need and want, and this has made it very difficult for retailers such as Marks and Spencer. To overcome this problem, Marks and Spencer developed a new business strategy which included the business values of; quality, value, service, innovation and trust. ...read more.


There is also a need for succession management. Succession management is when you are making requirements for the development, replacement and strategic application of employees over time; this requires the identification of the organizations values, mission and strategic plans. Marks and Spencer use competency profiling to identify gaps in skills. Competency profiling identifies the skills required for effectiveness in a job role. At the end of every 6 months of working, a performance review or appraisal takes place, in which employees discuss their progress with their managers. Employees are then given ratings for their skills which they have shown over the past year. These skills are compared with expected skills for any department in the company. Finally, this feedback helps the employees to identify how they are performing. Marks and Spencer gave two types of training, and these are; * On-the-job training. This takes place in the workplace. * Off-the-job training. This takes place away from the workplace. Training and development benefits both the business and the employees' working for them, training does not only help employees to work effectively and efficiently, but it also helps motivate them to work harder. ...read more.


* Investing in the environment within stores; Training and development would allow much better technical skills in both sales and stock management, which means members of staff can use the store to the better of their advantage which would result in higher sales being made. * Providing good customer service to look after customers; Training and development can be very effective when learning communication, inter-personal skills. Employees can improve their skills to benefit their customers, and offer them excellent customer service. Overall, to handle the change, Marks and Spencer set themselves objectives which can be met by training and developing employees, and making them work much more effectively and efficiently. Training is costly, but it is also an investment as it allows employees to be developed to the highest level. Training and development helps Marks and Spencer to link the people who have the right technical skills and business competencies with the roles they are best able to do. Training and development equips individuals with the skills they need to achieve their targeted role in the business and it also helps to create the future leaders for the organization. 1 ...read more.

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