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project overview

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Project overview Mr Patel is the owner of 'Patel's videos' which is situated on Halliwell road in Bolton. He has not yet opened up this business but he is going to open it in a few weeks time, he is going to rent out videos/DVDs to the members that have already registered to his business. In running this business Mr Patel will encounter a lot of problems. He has already set up a paper based system, in order to set up this system, he will need to make a special storage place for all the paper work to go in, by doing this it will consume a lot of valuable space that can be used to do display something else. Also using this system can be seen as a disadvantage as it is very time consuming. Also the information about the members can get lost and this could result in Mr Patel not knowing which member rented out which video, and therefore this could mean loss of videos. ...read more.


Another problem is that Mr Patel will not have enough time to look through overdue and unpaid videos every day, so this will also result in him having a loss in videos, so this means that he will be having a huge amount of debt in his business. Also Mr Patel will find it very difficult to write letters to all the members who have overdue videos. This is because he has to write all the individual letters by hand, and this would result in tiredness, so this would result in mistakes in writing the letters. This is also very time-consuming as he has to write every letter by hand individually Also by using this paper based system can get ripped, damaged, wet etc and therefore this would result in data loss and therefore would mean that Mr Patel would induce a huge loss in the business. Mr Patel has approached me and asked me for help. ...read more.


Also the members will get a faster service from Mr Patel, as the system can make his work more accurate and faster. He can add and save records by a click of a button, he can also delete records as well. Mr Patel can check his overdue videos by just filling in a parameter query, by entering today's date, by doing this a list of all the overdue videos will appear on the screen. However if these overdue videos aren't bought back, a letter will be sent to the houses of these members, there will be a template of this letter already created on the system, so all Mr Patel needs to do is print the letter, this will save Mr Patel the time of writing the letter himself. Overall I think Mr Patel will find it very easy to cope with his business with this computerised system that I have created, I also think that he will find it very easy to use this system as well. Mohammed Patel 11G4 ...read more.

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