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Promotion. Here are ways to improve promotion:

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Promotion is used to inform, persuade and make people more aware of a brand and obviously improving sales figures. The most common type of promotion is advertising. Advertising cam be done through TV, radio, journals, cinema and using the outdoor environment (posters). The different segments of community will affect the topes promotion chosen as well many other variables e.g. cost. For example If you wanted to advertise Football match you could show it as a sponsor of a match advertise on TV on a commercial break. Here are ways to improve promotion: * Packaging - This refers to the way the product or service is presented to the customer - packaging is there for 2 reasons; it protects and decorates the products, they both help promote the product. * Personal Selling - This involves direct communication with the customer, this is especially important to small firms. * Public Relation - This is about promoting the image of the business, for example by sponsoring local events, or being involved in education projects, or having positive articles in newspapers. ...read more.


* Public Relation - This will improve brand image as customers will recognise "that logo". It will also increase the numbers that will enter the shop because more people will know about it. * Sales Promotion - This will increase sales and increase the number of customers. * Advertising - This can increase sales, increase customers, improve brand image; it can do anything as long as it is used in the correct way. Here are the Disadvantages of the different methods: * Packaging - This will usually cost the firm more money because of the colour printing and paper etc, it will also take up more space. It causes the firm to lose a vague amount of money. * Personal Selling - This will require more staff if there is a lot of customers, and more staff equals more wages to pay, so this could be quite expensive. The customers might want a staff bothering them, so they might be put off the shop due to this method. ...read more.


It will also suit my main objective which is to survive and to get more people to be aware of my shop. * Advertising - I will advertise on radio and the local newspaper so I can get people to be aware of my shop. I will use the profit that I gained in the first few months to advertise on radio and the local newspaper to increase the popularity of my shop and to get more customers it will help for my shop to survive the rest of the year. I won't be able to afford any other types of promotion during the first few months because profit will be scarce and I will have to spend most of my capital on setting up the shop and stock, I will use the money left over for promotion. I will also be making a promotional leaflet that I will be sending out to people, to get them to be aware of my shop. I will be sending out at local events such as football matches etc and also at the local shopping centre. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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