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Promotion The different types of promotion are sales promotion which is where a business will part on certain offers

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Promotion We use promotion to inform customers about a product, or business(espacially when new or changed), to keep a business ahead of its competitors, to create or change the image of a business and to maintain or increase sales. These aims will be used as necessary by a business, though they all try to keep sales at a level which is satisfactory for the business. As a business develops, the emphasis of promotion will change. For example when Sega first introduced its games consoles into Britain, its promotion was aimed at making people aware of the name 'Sega', which at that time was unknown. As the name began to be accepted, the emphasis of promotion switched to the products it was selling, such as Dreamcast. ...read more.


Public relations are when a business deals with influencing public opinion, through the presentation of a client's image, message, or product. The advantages of Public relations are the public will get to know about you personally and you will get alot of information about your customers. The disadvantages of Public relation are that it will take alot of time to issue and it may be quite expensive. Sponsorship is when you try to get your business known by paying a big franchise to broadcast your name under theres for example Thomas Cook and Rbk are paying Man City to sponsor them and wear there name on there shirts. ...read more.


The methods I am using are Sales promotion and Advertising. I have chose these methods because at first I will need to sell alot of stock to keep my business survivng at too make some profit. Then I will be using cheaper versions of advertising such as billboards or newspapers to start off with. I think this would be best for my business because its going to be a small business for quite a long time. I haven't chosen Public relations beacause it doesn't promote your business to a wide range off people and it takes alot of time, I haven't chose sponsorship because as I am running a small business at first people won't get information about my location and contact numbers etc. ...read more.

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