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Quality Control

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Quality Control High quality increases revenue and also increases customer satisfaction. Good quality products should meet customer needs and businesses should use market research to check that customers are satisfied with product quality. It is vital for all organisations to keep their customers satisfied if they are to be successful. Modern quality control prevents defected goods from being made, it allows you to detect mistakes and check goods for fault or poor quality. With modern quality control workers check their own work. Empowering employees to check the quality of their own work can be highly motivating because they feel that they are trusted and therefore feel like they are part of the organisation. Quality assurance is an approach where quality is maintained throughout every stage in all processes used in a business. Under a quality assurance system it is everyone's responsibility to produce good work. ...read more.


I will also scrutinise the production process to eliminate the bad cakes (burnt or broken ones) to make sure that every cake meets the highest standard set. After production I will perform some tests on a sample to ensure whether the cake still maintains its taste, shape and freshness this will be part of the whole quality control process. There are laws which ensure that businesses produce goods of a minimum standard and that they are fit for their purpose. Businesses also have to make sure that their product will not harm the customer and that the information that is provided about the product is not misleading. Businesses are also required by law to answer to customer complaints. It can be expensive for businesses to ensure that their products meet all these laws but if they didn't then they would most likely have to face legal action. A good set of incentives can help boost staff performance and benefit the business directly. ...read more.


I can introduce Job Enlargement or Job Rotation to motivate the employees. Job enlargement could help to remove the boredom out of the job, for example a baker could be allowed to pack the cake as well as baking it. On the other hand Job rotation could make the job more challenging as the employee will be given a variety of tasks. For example the cake decorator could be given the responsibility of ordering materials and making delivery arrangements instead of just decorating the cakes. If I start receiving a greater number of orders then I'll be happy to pay my employees to do over time, without increasing my staffing levels. Hiring an employee would be rather expensive, time consuming, and could later result in over staff. Overtime can be very effective in meeting workload demands with minimizing costs and maximizing employee satisfaction. It is also a flexible approach that can be increased and decreased to match my workload demands. It is also a cheap option for my business as no additional training will be required. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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