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recruitment and selection

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In most organisations recruitment refers to the process of sourcing, screening and selecting people for a certain job, or it can even refer to a vacancy in a volunteer based organisation community group. Recruitment planning Recruitment planning occurs when a firm or an organisation look for staff in order to match its supply. Recruitment planning involves finding out whether or not the firm or organisation needs to recruit someone or not. There are many reasons for why businesses may need to consider recruiting. The reasons could be: * The organisation may have decided to grow or expand which can result in the need for more staff. * Someone within the business may have decided to retire leaving more workload behind in the business due to the lack of skill. * Someone within the business may have been dismissed for one reason or the other * Internal promotion - This means that an employee within the same business has been set and given a better job, meaning his/her previous job will have to be carried out by someone else * Someone may have died * The business may be about to be restructured resulting in holes within the business which may need to be filled * Someone may have decided to leave the business due to personal reasons or the employee may have found a better job elsewhere. For businesses to operate and perform successfully and stay competitive, it is essential for the business to have a good recruitment and selection team within their human resources department. Recruitment must be a success by making sure that they attract and catch the attention of the most suitable candidate for the job. Selection procedures are carefully planned and carried out on the possible candidate to help the business select the most suitable person possible for the job. The human resources department in an organisation are comfortable to justify the filling of a vacancy as it saves the business money. ...read more.


A copy of the job description is usually sent to all applicants so they are aware of what they are doing and to make sure that they are fit for the job before they apply. It is vital to add the following information in the job description; job title, department and location, responsibilities, position within the organisational structure and scope of post. Person specification A person specification is also known as a job specification. This lets the applicant to form a description of his or herself. This description made by the applicant examines the applicant's personal attributer including physical attributes, qualifications, experience, training, competence, personal circumstances, attitudes and practical and intellectual skills. This shows a proper profile of the type of person the business needs to do the job. A person specification is a summary which provides knowledge relating to the skills needed which are essential to the post or desirable. Methods of application The method of application is the way people can apply for the vacancy being advertised. The organisation decide on the method of application suitable to the post, for example, if an applicant is applying for a teachers job, the method would be different that of a head teacher. The most popular methods of application are given below: * Curriculum Vitae (CV) - this is a statement showing the applicants details on education, past and present employments as well as details of referees that can vouch for them. * Letter of application - A letter of application is created by the applicant based on a set of questions given by the employers, this is very straightforward and it makes it easier for the business to compare applicants * Telephone interview * Applying online * In person, applicants go to the business and apply face to face, these applications take place in smaller businesses Recruitment practices and procedures There are certain businesses which do not have the time or the appropriate staff to carry out general recruitment practices and procedures; therefore they decide to employ agencies to do their recruitment work for them. ...read more.


If McDonalds are not desperate for workers then they will use other sources such as newspapers, internet, or other internal/external sources. It is quite costly to publish vacancies in job centres. Asda Asda use both internal and external sources to recruit employees. Asda is a huge retailer therefore this organisation makes good use of internal and external sources for recruitment. Asda use the following internal sources to recruit employees: Promotions If employees within Asda are performing beyond expectations then there is a good chance that they will be promoted. This can be beneficial for both Asda and the employee. For example f there is a job vacant on a high post and Asda are looking for a employee, Asda can select an existing employee and promote him/her to a higher post. This will save Asda money and time and the employee will be working at a better post, this may even involve a pay rise. Asda also recruit internally using electronic bulletin boards and its company newsletter. Internal Mail Asda have a internal mail system where only employees can log into and access important news about the company. For example if there was a post vacant in one of the Asda stores, before advertising externally Asda could send all its employees a message through internal mail informing them about the vacancy. Asda also use several external sources to recruit employees, below I have given what external sources Asda use. Newspapers Asda use local newspapers to advertise their job vacancies, this depends on where the store is situated. Job Centres This is another external source which Asda use to publish their vacancies. Asda are likely to publish their vacancies to the job centres near the location of their store. When Asda publish a vacancy through a job centre they have to pay a fee depending on how big the advert is. Internet Internet is one of the most popular methods used to publish vacancies. Asda use their own website to publish vacancies so a wider audience have reach to the offer. http://www.asda.jobs/ Vimal Patel 12HAN Unit 13 1 Mr Mistry ...read more.

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