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Recruitment. Identify how two organisations plan recruitment using internal and external sources.

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Task 1 Identify how two organisations plan recruitment using internal and external sources. You will need to show you understand the reasons why vacancies occur, and the factors which influence organisations to recruit. You will need to consider internal and external recruitment and the time and cost implications of each method. You must include two organisations in your work, so make sure you choose them carefully. I have chosen to look at Tesco's and Culture Caf�. Recruitment is the activity of employing workers to fill vacancies or enrolling new members. Employment recruitment is composed of several stages: verifying that a vacancy exists; drawing up a job specification; finding candidates; selecting them by interviewing and other means; and making a job offer. There may be many different reasons for a vacancy to arise in a business. There could be temporary vacancies to cover long term sickness, maternity/paternity leave or to cover busy periods for example Christmas. Permanent vacancies may arise due to a member of staff leaving, a new role being created or the company is expanding and possibly because of changes in the organisation. Culture Caf� is a growing business where new contracts are always being tendered for, this means that they will often be new sites where new staff will be needed, although sometimes the staff who worked for the previous catering company will be employed by Culture Caf�. Effective recruitment is important in achieving high organizational performance and minimizing staff turnover. Employees may be recruited either externally or internally.1 Companies can choose to recruit internally, this is when they employ an existing member of staff to do a different job, this may then mean that their previous role is then available and may need to be recruited externally. Sometimes the duties from the vacancy are shared between existing members of staff. This would mean that staff have more work to do, and depending on their existing duties this may not be a viable option for many companies as their staff may be put under too much pressure. ...read more.


Task 2 Explain the impact of the legal and regulatory framework on recruitment and selection activities. Use work based examples where appropriate. The UK is governed by 2 key areas of legislation; this includes laws that are passed within the UK and laws that are passed within the European Union. There are many laws that are there to protect either employers or employees and that relate to recruitment. The Sex Discrimination Act 1975/97 ensures that people are not discriminated against because of their gender, marital status, or because of gender reassignment. If an employer discriminated against due to these factors they would be breaking the law. It means that people must be treated equally. There are some jobs that do not need to comply with this act if there is a good enough reason, for example a support worker at a woman's refuge would have to be female because of the nature of the role. Job advertisements must not state that they are looking for a specific gender unless they are exempt. The Race Relations Act 1992 makes it unlawful for anyone to be discriminated against on the grounds of race, colour, nationality, ethnic origin and national origin. Employees must be protected from discrimination, victimisation and harassment, and can use an industrial tribunal to force employers to change the way they operate or to seek compensation. The Equal Pay Act 1970 forces employers to pay men and women equally, this can still be an issue and many people do not feel that there is equal pay among the sexes. The pay includes all aspects of pay and benefits including sickness benefits, car allowances and pension schemes. Many women are paid less because of the time they have taken off due to maternity leave and there have been many debates to discuss whether this is right or not. There are factors within the Equal Pay Act that protect you during maternity leave. ...read more.


Tick List for Desired Attributes of Candidates Qualified to GCSE level grade C or above in Maths and English Has some work experience Has some customer service experience Well written CV and cover letter Presented themselves well in the interview Answered the questions well Good level of skills Was friendly and polite References For number 1 of the interviewing format I would explain to the candidate about what the company does, which is building contracts I would explain more about what type of projects we would be involved in. I would also explain in more detail about the job role and what it entails. I would give examples of the types of queries customers and other staff may have and how they would be handled, I would explain simply about the invoicing and filing systems and how important it is to get right. The job description that has been created would help me to explain the role in better details. I would also discuss pay, benefits and working hours within this. Information obtained through the recruitment process is confidential and can only be seen by people in the organisation who it may relate to, for this interview that will include the office manager who is in charge of the recruitment process and the owner of the business. Some companies may provide application packs and information packs for candidates, it helps them to understand the process and may include information about the company, the job and other things they may need to participate in such as tests, group tasks etc. some companies may use different interviewing methods, such as group, individual, team multi-stage and telephone interviews. They may also ask candidates to take part in occupational preference tests, attainment tests, aptitude tests, psychometric tests, numeracy and literacy tests, IQ tests and group activities such as role play and acting out certain situations. After the first stage of interviews the CV's, cover letters, and notes from the interview will all be looked at to see how well each person has scored. ...read more.

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