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Recruitment & Selection Process

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WHAT DOES SHAKESPEARE SUGGEST IS TO BLAME FOR ROMEO AND JULIET'S DEATHS? Romeo and Juliet is a tragic story written by William Shakespeare. This drama is set in Verona and takes place over a period of five days. Throughout the story there is a lot of tension between the characters. The story ends with the two main characters of the story dying thus ending the ancient grudge between the two families. I believe that the adults are to the blamed for the death of the two lovers. If the story is looked into depth there is a lot conflict between the characters. By the end of the story there were three civil wars over a span of five days. ...read more.


"Thou hast the strength of will to slay thyself, then is it likely thou wilt undertake a thing like death to chide away this shame, that copest with death himself to scape from it; and, if though darest, I'll give thee remedy,". Friar Lawrence decides to help Juliet get away from Verona to Mantua to see Romeo. The Friar gives a potion to Juliet which would make her into dead like state. Seeing this Juliet dead the family would think she is dead. The Friar made a plan which would have Romeo go to the place where Juliet is lays dead like and when he reaches the place Juliet would come back to life and bring her back to Mantua. ...read more.


Then since the case so stands as now it doth, I think it best you marry with the county." After this incident takes place the Nurse completely changes her mind and tells Juliet to forget about Romeo and marry Paris. As she does not know what to do her resort is to kill herself. In conclusion Friar Lawrence and the Nurse are to be held responsible for the death of the two main characters. These two help Romeo and Juliet mostly throughout the play. Friar Lawrence is to be held mainly responsible for the death of Romeo and Nurse mainly held responsible for Juliet's death. ?? ?? ?? ?? Anas Patel Romeo & Juliet English Assignment - 1 - ...read more.

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