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Recruitment - the process of finding and hiring a new worker.

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Task 7 B. Shortlisting Checklist The short listing checklist contributed to the selection process by setting out guidelines to filter appropriate applicants from the non-appropriate applicants. The shortlisting checklist highlights key skills and qualifications needed for a specific job, in this case for the Restaurant supervisor role. The shortlisting checklist indicates all the applicants' names and highlights their suitability to the job, by using a checklist verses the correct skills needed for the job role. The shortlisting checklist is important in the selection process as it sums up the job description, person specification etc together on one sheet to make it easier for comparison reasons for the employer to choose the most suitable applicant. Job Description The job description highlights the job role, including types of jobs the potential applicant will be required to do, who they are responsible for, who they are responsible to etc. The job description is a summary of a particular job and the roles which the job requires from the potential applicant. The job description also highlights the job's responsibility, for example the ability to work a variety of shifts, and experience in planning rotas and schedules. ...read more.


The CV is written by candidates which highlights their skills, abilities, experiences and lists their references, the CV focuses on the positive side of the applicant which may not include everything the employer may want to know. The CV is quite important in the selection process as it is some-what like a story of the applicant's life, as the employer is able to see what the applicant has achieved in his/her life all at once. Although, the disadvantage of looking at the CV is that it may have been used for several other jobs, so it may not focus on the job role the applicant is applying for. Therefore, an employer cannot base his/her decision just by reading the CV. The covering letter outlines why the applicant is most suitable for the job, eliminating the other competition (other applicants), the covering letter is written by the employee addressing the employer, this piece of document is important, as applicants are able to write anything they please to make the employer give the applicant the job. ...read more.


The candidate form was a useful document for the employer, as he/she is able to assess each candidates performance in the interview. The document includes dress codes/appearance etc. This is important for the employer as it allows the employer to analyse the candidate as a whole package, appearance, language skills etc. Then it requires the employer to give a detailed explanation of whether he/she will give the candidate the job, if not, the reasons why the candidate did not get the job. Letter of rejection or job offer This is the most important step of the selection process, as the decisions have been made by the employer, therefore he/she will need to send out an appropriate letter to inform the candidates who attended the interview whether or not they had got the job. Without the letter, the candidates would not know whether or not they had got the job therefore may keep calling personnel/HR department which is time consuming and costly. In conclusion, each document used in the selection process had its usefulness in contributing to the process, and without any one of the documents the employer would not be able to find the most suitable applicant for the job. ?? ?? ?? ?? Sammy To 3109 ...read more.

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