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relevant worl experince

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Relevant Work Experience: It is important if you want to become a football manager to have past experience at a previous club. It is important because football team want people who know what to do and they also want to know what team you coached. As they want coaches who have played for rival or other professional team. When a new manager who doesn't have previous it is very likely for the football club not to take him as they need someone who can maintain the club financial status and someone who has a proper training schedule for the players. It is very important for the manager to know what he is doing as if the club fails to win and they start to lose money the club would go down into a bottom league and most of the players would leave as the club would not afford to pay there wages, and the club would just be at a terrible state just because the coach never had experience. This is a very important factor if you want to become a coach. It is better for a football manager to start off at a very small club then to move there way up and so or later they would be coaching a very to club. Qualifications: When being a football coach it is very important to have the right qualifications needed as without them it would be very hard to keep the club stable. ...read more.


When the manager is choosing the team he has to make sure that the team is fit and prepared for the match. He has to inspire the team to the best of his ability and he has to do anything possible to make the team win, this all requires hard work. Organised: A manager has to be organised as the team would get muddled up if everything is not organised. In addition, the training sessions have to be organised as each player has to be trained properly so that they are fit enough to play in the match. Also the manager has to organise the money given to him, as he is not meant to spend the money on stupid thing. Also the manager has to organise the player's diets and what they eat before a match. They also have to organise who they are going to buy and who they are going to sell on there team. Also the manager has to get himself and the team to a match on time so he has to leave at the right time because there could be traffic delays, also they have to do a warm up session before the match. Interpersonal: A football coach has to be very interpersonal as he trains the football players on the team so he has to have a good relationship with all the players. This is because when players are not happy the leave the club and this is not good all the time as they might be a key player. ...read more.


Appearance and body language: A manager always has to look smart unless he is doing training for the team, it would be better if a manager wore a suit as that is what most high classed manager where, other than that they were the team track suit. The manager has to look like a responsible person as he has to present himself in the right way or the media would portray him in a bad way. Also the body language of the manager is important as he has to show to the players that he believes that they can do well every match even if the team they are playing are way better than him. Eye contact: A football manger needs to show his players eye contact as he needs them to concentrate on what he is saying whilst he is doing the training. Also at half time when the team is losing for example the manager has to trie inspire the team to win doing this he has to show eye contact so that they listen to what he is saying. Facial expression: The manager has to show his players that he is serious by his facial expression, if the manager is laughing while talking about a serious matter then the football players would not take the manager serious and they would always think that he is joking and messing about. He has t put on a serious face. Gabby Ajibola ...read more.

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