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Report for StGeorges School computer system

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Report for StGeorges School CONTENTS 1 Introduction 1.1 Purpose of investigation 1.2 Background to company 1.3 How the investigation was carried out 1.4 Budget 2 The Current System 2.1 Types of information or data stored 2.2 How information is stored and processed 2.3 Outputs 2.4 Problems with the current system 3 Requirements Specification 3.1 Business needs - input needs 3.2 Business needs - processing needs 3.3 Business needs - output needs 3.4 Business needs - storage needs 3.5 Business needs - communication needs 4 Potential Solution using Information Technology 4.1 Groups of software which may provide a solution 4.2 Groups of hardware appropriate for the software 4 Software Options 4.3 Suitable software and a range of costs 4.4 Selection and justification of particular software 4 Hardware Options 4.5 Suitable hardware and a range of costs 4.6 Selection and justification of particular hardware 4 Recommended Solution 4.7 Recommendation of hardware, software and costs 4.8 Recommendation of other related items and costs 5 Costs and Benefits 6 Conclusion 7 Bibliography 1 INTRODUCTION I chose to research into a local primary school (St Georges) which is located in Littleover, the first task that undertook into researching the systems in place at the school was to gain their permission and to send them a questionnaire to fill which was done by the school secretary and sent back to me. I then setup an interview with the head teacher of the school which would provide me with greater information on the school and how it operates and if they have any IT infrastructure in place already. ...read more.


They also need to process this information some by entering information into their current system in the way of word processing or working out costs in a spreadsheet package. Output Needs Output needs of the organisation are that they need to output relevant information to paper, or to email, memo etc. The organisations major output need is information being printed on paper and distributing this to either employees internally or externally to parents, the public requiring information about the school, or to the pupils themselves via test results or equivalent. Storage Needs The organisation also has storage needs by this the school has keep copies of all its financial, administration, educational documentation in a manual filing system, this could be implemented onto hard disk which would take up less space and provide more efficiency on more complex tasks the organisation needs to carry out. However this data would have to be backed up encase of any problems that may cause the data to be lost. At present the school keeps all their paperwork in a conventional filing cabinets which takes up a lot of room in there only one office and are looking for ways to reduce this problem. Communication Needs The organisation still communicates with pupils, parents and their members of staff via any of the following methods. Telephone, verbally and Memo's. However parents and some teaching staff have expressed an interest in communicating more efficiently by via Email and the mobile telephone SMS this would be used for monitoring attendance levels at the school 4 POTENTIAL SOLUTION USING INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY I will now identify and list potential solutions using software and hardware in information technology. ...read more.


I have calculated the spreadsheet over a three year period and at the end of this 3 years, the school would stand to gain over �3000 which could be spent on the schools facilities or improving learning resources. If the spreadsheet were to be over say a five year period then the school more than likely would probably have saved around �8000 so after the 3 year period the school will still continue to save money, time and effort which was at a premium with the old system. 6 CONCLUSION In conclusion the IT system that is already in place at St Georges Primary school is basic to their needs there could be a lot done with the system to make it more user friendly and to provide more of a basis of it being more practical for the users. In my opinion I would recommend the school to take the third solution that I have proposed there are several reasons for me coming to this conclusion they are that the school may not have the available funds to go with my second solution, the school may also have not the time to train somebody to maintain all of the system and also they may prefer to see how well the system that they do decide to go with adapts to their user requirements. However the school may decide not to implement any of my proposed solutions and therefore they may wish to implement their own. ...read more.

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