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Report of a quesstionaire

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Analysis of example questionnaires Now that I have anaylised an questtionaire. I have an idea of how an questionnnaire should look like and the information required on an questionnaire. Design Below is the desgin of my questionnaire. This is just a design to start me off, the layout of the questionnaire may change, howver the content I have put in will not be deleted, however some other types of content may be added. I have decided to use Microsoft Word to make my questtionaire. Draft 1 Strengths of Draft 1 The strengths of my draft are that firstly it looks very professional as it is well presented and having compared to an example of a questionnaire, the structure looks the same. Also the questions are well spaced out, therefore there is enough space for the respondents to answer clearly. The border also matches the colour of the logo and looks specific. Also from looking at the type of questions I have included, most answers are tick boxes. This increases the chance of a person filling out the questionnaire, as it does not take a long time to fill out. ...read more.


I will take out any inappropriate questions. Draft 2 Strengths of Draft 2 The strengths of this draft is firstly there are no in-appropriate questions, therefore Websites Service Ltd will not get any answers which are not relevant. Also comparing it to the questionnaire which I analysed, they look similar. This shows this draft is presented in a high-quality professional standard. Another great point is that the questionnaire has little open questions. In addition, the small border clearly separates the title from the introduction; it also matches the colour of the border and looks attractive Weaknesses of Draft 2 The font is too small, this could put the reader off, while they are improving it. Also the boxes are not in line with the option, this makes the questionnaire look unprofessional and not well presented. How I would refine Draft 2 to improve it I will make the font size larger than it is currently to make it clearer, and make is easier for the reader. Also instead of boxes, at the top, where I talk about the questionnaire, I will ask that respondents circle their answer. ...read more.


Evaluation of own performance It took me a very long time to think of questions to put on the questionnaire, this wasted valuable time. After a long while, it came to my attention I should find another website design questionnaire and analyse questions. Had I realised this earlier, I would have saved time. Nevertheless, I feel I used my initiative very well, as in my draft 1 I stated since there is no background colour, it looks very dull, however after experimenting I thought adding a background colour would look very unprofessional and thus I did not add a background colour. I annotated the example questionnaire very well and got a clear indication of the type of questions required and the lay-out of the questionnaire. If I had a task like this in the future, I may use clearer examples of questionnaires; this is because the text is not very clear to see. Also I may add a background colour to make the questionnaire look more presentable and eye-catching. I would also use a consider using different software as I feel it took ma a very long time to create the tick boxes, and some of the boxes are not accurate, whereas another software might make it easier for me. ...read more.

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