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Report on CAD/CAM, Sensors/Control and Robots.

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Report on CAD/CAM, Sensors/Control and Robots CAD/CAM CAD (Computer Aided Design) involves the creation of a design using a computer. Designs do not have to be in the traditional technical style, they may also be very graphical, such as the graphics for a new shop front, or in the form of 3D models, etc. CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) involves using a computer to control the operation of a manufacturing tool. This may be a sewing machine, a laser cutter, vinyl cutter, etc. In previous years CAD and CAM have come together with data from the CAD system automatically generating tool paths and operating machines directly. ...read more.


It also allows users to add real world features such as weight and volume. In world wide companies this also saves time and money so that these physical features can easily be changed. Finally, CAD/CAM allows computers to perform calculations to evaluate the product that has been designed. So a computer could calculate the maximum weight an aeroplane can carry or even determine how much weight a metal bar can hold that is used to hang clothes. Sensors/Control (Robots) Sensors are used within a robot of some kind. A simple or basic robot has sensors that act as receptors to collect information from its surroundings. ...read more.


The car industry is one that used robots to manufacture cars. Previously, thousands of workers were used; they placed and fitted all the various parts. With the take-off robots more products could be made with a more consistent level of accuracy and future savings on labor forces made from less people being employed. Image manipulation By using image manipulation software companies can successfully create glossy full-page advertisements or flyers that promote the companies product. Image manipulation software can be as simple as MS Paint. The better software packages such as Corel Draw can take image manipulation even further with a wider range of templates and styles to create professional looking images. Companies may use software like this to promote their products consequently making them eye catching and readable by the appropriate audience. Samad Farhat 09/05/2007 ...read more.

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