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Report on ethical practices of TATA Group (India)

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Report on ethical practices of TATA Group (India) Abstract: The Tata Group is one on India's most respected business houses founded on ethical values originated by the founding father Jamsetiji Nusserwanji Tata. Its five core values are integrity, understanding, excellence, unity and responsibility. Its main focus is on social responsibility and ethical business practices. It is committed to giving back to the society and improving the quality of life as well as contributing to environmental sustainability. It has a well established code of conduct and a business excellence model. The HIV/AIDS programme is an example of some of the socially responsible projects undertaken. Introduction: Man is a social animal who has derived certain principals to govern his own individual behavior. Theses rules may very from one culture to another. Behavioral standards help in the survival of a community or a social group. These behavioral standards are known as "ethics". Ethics are the standards of right and wrong that influence behaviour. [1] [2] Organizations and Ethics: Ethics is defined as that which constitutes good and bad human conduct and as that which decides what is good and evil, right and wrong and thus what we ought and ought not to do. It is often hard to determine if a particular act is ethical as ethics vary from one country to another. For example accepting a gift is ethical but accepting a bribe is unethical. ...read more.


It is clear from the above mentioned examples of business practices that for long-term profitability and sustainability ethical business practices is the way forward. Unethical business practices do bring about large gains unrealistic gains but cease to continue in the long term. Mahatma Gandhi called business in the absence of morality a sin. [2] [8] Contribution towards environmental sustainability: The Tata Group has always worked hard to make sensible and responsible decisions on environmental matters. Tata Steel was the first integrated iron and steel plant in India to be certified with the ISO 14001 Environmental Standard Act. At that time Tata was one of the few worldwide to have this accredit ion. Clause eight of the Tata Code of Conduct states: ' A Tata comapny shall strive to provide a safe and healthy working environment and comply in the conduct of it's business affaires, with all regulations regarding the preservation of the environment of the territory it operates in. A Tata company shall be committed to prevent wasteful use of natural resources and minimize any hazardous impact of development, production, use and disposal of any of it's products and services on the ecological environment.' [9] [5] . Group Environment Network: It acts as a guide to companies under the Tata brand name on environmental issues. Its objectives are as follows: * To develop a common approach on environmental issues and bring about an enhanced brand image along with sustained growth. ...read more.


Consistent focus on involving management 5. Use of a well balanced team of male and female peer educators Future Goals: * To standardize the various workplace interventions on HIV/AIDS within the five top companies within the Tata Group * To start an Indian Business Council of AIDS [11] [12] Conclusion: An analysis of CSR and Tata's contribution: Often civil society advocates of corporate social responsibility (CSR) accuse large organizations such as Tata of only providing lip service to the idea of business ethics and corporate citizenship. The main reason for such accusations is that when commercial interest and social responsiveness come into conflict the former takes first preference. Having analyzed Tata' actions from the corporate social responsiveness point of view I strongly feel it's often a "win-win" for most organizations such as Tata. CSR may be an innovative way of marketing an organization but from the Utilitarian perspective it provides the greatest good for the greatest number of people. Moreover, no one party is being harmed. Having done so much for society it's only human to want recognition for the same. An organization is not solely run by a proprietor or a group of shareholders. Neither is it run by the board of directors. Organizations are run on systems and policies. Successful organizations have well established ethical policies. Ethical business practices bring about a great deal of trust in the minds all those who interact with the organization. In the absence of trust it is almost impossible to run a business. Managerial decisions and day to day activities should be based on ethical principles and managed by a responsible management team. ...read more.

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