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Report On How Medallions Could Use Information Technology For: the Managing Director

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REPORT ON HOW MEDALLIONS COULD USE INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY FOR: THE MANAGING DIRECTOR INTRODUCTION Information Technology has now become a major element in every aspect of life especially in the business world. It is used to store, handle, produce and retrieve information efficiently. Efficiency is very important for all businesses, as they need to be relied upon by their customers to meet deadlines. ...read more.


Information Technology also brings a more professional and modern approach and look to a business as the presentation of business documents become of a higher standard giving a good impression of the business. However, the introduction of Information Technology may cause some implications, such as the cost in the purchasing of hardware and software. ...read more.


SOFTWARE The software that Medallions choose to use is a very important factor that must be thought through carefully and is dependant on what the uses of the Medallions computers will be. A package, which Medallions may be interested in Microsoft Office(tm). This suite contains the programs Microsoft word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher, Outlook and Front Page. ...read more.

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