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Report on setting up of a coach company

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TO: [insert name] FROM: [insert your name] SUBJECT: Report on setting up of a coach company I have been asked to produce a report for a friend in answer to his proposal to set up a company that organises coach tours to Europe. To go about this assignment there first needs to be a course of action, a set plan on which to base the assignment around and follow. Time Intended Action Resources Available Problems/Adjustments made in the light of experience 6th October Produce and send template e-mail to distribute to coach firms Computer, internet, business studies text book Not many small businesses on the internet 13th October Evaluate and review responses obtained Returned e-mails, business studies text book Only 1 e-mail received from 10 distributed. 10% response. 16th October Gather ideas and look for common factors Returned e-mails and internet sites Few received so went to a local bank for help and only general information on the internet 20th October Use bank leaflets for extra reference Leaflets on loans, starting businesses and common problems of new businesses Not much specific detail for coach companies so had to relate to the subject. 29th October Produce report E-mail, leaflets, business studies text and exercise books, teachers. None. This is a copy of the email that was used to send to the coach companies: Dear (persons name obtained from web-site) I am a GCSE student and for my business studies coursework I have been set the task of setting up a theoretical coach company. Therefore I am writing to you to ask for help so as to complete my assignment to the best of my ability. I would like to ask for information about the following criteria. 1. Any information about the maintenance of the coaches or what is essential to have on a coach when going abroad. 2. Information on safety aspects of the tours you offer 3. ...read more.


She also wishes to have the final say and keep the business running as she and her partner wish it to be run. For the location of the business it is thought that their house can be used for a main office. This way there is no need to buy other properties, as the main aim of their office is to handle booking forms, advertising and giving help to customers. They can distribute leaflets to people with information about the tours and if needed could use an agent to distribute their leaflets. The main problem of location is to decide on where to keep the coaches that they wish to buy. They have to be kept under some sort of cover is they want to use their own coaches. If they choose to use other coaches from a different company then they will have to rely on that company for being organised and efficient enough as to not let them down. If they decide to buy a building as an office and operate as an agent using the coach companies for their tours then they will have to look into buying a property that will be in a suitable location. Also if any problems arise they will have to take the blame and not the coach companies, as it is their tour. It would be better to buy the coaches and keep them in a warehouse on an industrial estate. Perhaps then an office can be built within the premises so that all things can be handled from the same place. That would improve efficiency and relieve any worries about the reliability of the coaches. Also it would then be possible to advertise on the coaches, as they would be theirs and not belong to another company. The best option would be to buy a suitable amount of coaches, keep them stored in a warehouse and use a section of that warehouse for an office so the company is based closer to a town and has all aspects for the company built around the office. ...read more.


It gives information about the tour, the main aspects of the tour and stresses important features of the company in stating that the guides and drivers are fully qualified and the coaches up to a luxury standard. The cost of the tour is presented and booking for the tour is easy to do through the booking form that is aimed primarily at family bookings. Group bookings would be easier done by telephone to make it more convenient. It has a professional layout, quite eye catching and would have a chance of being recognised. The company name and logo is advertised well without being plastered all over the leaflet and taking up space. The double sided A4 leaflet layout was preferred to the traditional book-style leaflet because the front page is well presented, colourful and informative and a lot of information can be given in paragraphs rather than leaving it up to numerous bullet point style sentences over the leaflet. This is less informative and when dealing with a tour company as much information as possible has to be given to the customer as to make sure they know exactly what they are getting for their money. The leaflet should be distributed in specialist places-museums in the country or perhaps specialised organisations such as the Regimental Associations. They should also be distributed to tour operators dealing in European tours and made available for the local councils to give to schools, old peoples' homes and elderly peoples' estates. When compared with other methods of advertising it is the best because it gives the choice of location. Television advertisements, posters, billboards etc are far too expensive and/or do not appeal to the age range and categories that would be interested in such a tour. The leaflet has to be available to those that are interested in such things. Therefore it has to be able to be mass produced and distributed easily. A leaflet is the ideal choice to satisfy these criteria. Neil Christie 11N Business Studies Report ...read more.

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