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Report on six original documents

Extracts from this document...


Report on six original documents GURBIR SONI AVCE ICT UNIT ONE 1.0 Terms of Reference 4 2.0 Procedures 4 3.0 Findings 4 3.1 Somerfield Application Form 4 3.1.1 Purpose 4 3.1.2 Layout 4 3.1.3 Content 5 3.2 Abbey National Application Form 6 3.2.1 Purpose 6 3.2.2 Content 6 3.2.3 Content 7 3.3 Halfords Application Form 7 3.3.1 Purpose 8 3.3.2 Layout 8 3.3.3 Content 9 3.4 Evaluation 9 3.4.1 Somerfiled Application Form 9 3.4.2 Abbey National Application Form 10 3.4.3 Halfords Application Form 10 3.5 Comparison 10 3.5.1 Writing Styles 10 3.5.2 Presentation Styles 10 3.5.3 Layout 11 3.5.4 Content 11 3.5.5 Purpose 11 3.5.6 Common Elements of Similar Documents 11 3.6 Somerfield Leaflet 11 3.6.1 Purpose 11 3.6.2 Layout 12 3.6.3 Content 12 3.7 Abbey National Leaflet 13 3.7.1 Purpose 13 3.7.2 Layout 13 3.7.3 Content 13 3.8 Halfords Leaflet 14 3.8.1 Purpose 14 3.8.2 Layout 14 3.8.3 Content 15 3.9 Evaluation 15 3.9.1 Somerfield Leaflet 15 3.9.2 Abbey National Leafler 15 3.9.3 Halfords Leaflet 15 3.10 Comparison 15 3.10.1 Writing Styles 16 3.10.2 Presentation Sytles 16 3.10.3 Layout 16 3.10.4 Content 16 3.10.5 Purpose 16 3.10.6 Common Elements of Similar Documents 16 4.0 Conclusion 17 5.0 Recommendations 17 6.0 Appendix 18 6.1 Appendix one - Somerfield Application Form 18 6.2 Appendix two - Abbey National Application Form 19 6.3 Appendix three - Halfords Application Form 20 6.4 Appendix four - Somerfield Leaflet 21 6.5 Appendix five - Abbey National Leaflet 22 6.6 Appendix Six - Halfords Leaflet 23 1.0 Terms of Reference The main goal of this report is to analyse and compare formal documents into depth. This includes talking about purpose, layout and content of the documents. Comparison of two formal documents from three different originations will also be carried out. There will be a conclusion at the end of the report. This conclusion will give the overall view of the two original documents from three different originations. ...read more.


is filled with terms and conditions. These terms and conditions can be found on most of the application forms. The last section is the application form. This section has seven subheadings. The questions in this application form are open end questions. This section ment to be ripped so that customer can post it to the company. The information is formal. There are not many technical terms used in the content. The sentences are fairly small but effective. There are many images used on this application form. These images makes this application form looks like a leaflet. The reading age of this application form is high, around twenty. 3.4 Evaluation 3.4.1 Somerfiled Application Form This Somerfiled application form has many good and some bad things about it. Some of the good things about this application form are that the picture and the colour scheme makes it looks very attractive. The information is minimum but it works well. Another good point about this application if that the questions are small and are straight to the point. This is due to the fact that the Somerfiled saver card comes with the card it self. There are not many bad things about this application form but one of the bad things is that there are extra space takes by terms and conditions. Terms and conditions are printed twice on this application form. 3.4.2 Abbey National Application Form The abbey national application form looks very dull. There are no images on this application form and there is loads of information on it. Even at the back it is filled out with size eight fonts. Either than the bad things, the good thing about this application form is that this at least this application form has a colour scheme. 3.4.3 Halfords Application Form A good thing about this application form is that this application form looks like a leaflet. This is because this application form uses many images and it is folded like a leaflet. ...read more.


The information is laid out in tables in Somerfield application form whereas information is laid out with bullet points and numbering. The Halfords layout if the best layout as it is simple layout, nothing too fancy. 3.10.4 Content The content of Somerfield and Abbey National leaflet is very similar as they both communicate something other than products or special offers. The Halfords leaflet communicates special offers. There is lots of information in Somerfiled leaflet and Abbey National leaflet. Halfords leaflet only has limited content. 3.10.5 Purpose Purpose of the Somerfield and Abbey National leaflet is very similar. Both provide information to the customer rather than advertise products. The purpose of the Halfords leaflet is to advertise special offer. 3.10.6 Common Elements of Similar Documents The similarities between all the leaflets is that they all provide customer will new information, whether its about new product or general information. The Halfords provide customer with new special offer and Somerfield and Abbey National provide customer with general information. 4.0 Conclusion In conclusion, all the six documents are just perfect for the environment that they are ment for. Each of the six documents has more good points which out balance the bad points. I have found out that whether it is application forms or leaflets, the use of colours and pictures can be very affective. The design effort in formal documents can help the company sell more products or promote products efficiently. 5.0 Recommendations The Abbey National application form is too dull. This document needs more colours and maybe a larger company logo to make it attractive. Abbey National leaflet has also got a lot more potential. Use of attractive colours and images can make the document or break the document. 6.0 Appendix 6.1 Appendix one - Somerfield Application Form 6.2 Appendix two - Abbey National Application Form 6.3 Appendix three - Halfords Application Form 6.4 Appendix four - Somerfield Leaflet 6.5 Appendix five - Abbey National Leaflet 6.6 Appendix Six - Halfords Leaflet ?? ?? ?? ?? Comparison Report (Second Draft) Hardeep Virdi AVCE ICT Page 1 of 23 ...read more.

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