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Research into setting up a small business.

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Research I need to get a loan to set-up my small computer business; to set up my business I must draw up a partnership agreement with the help of a solicitor, to outline exactly how it will be organised. This should cover: * Who has put what into the business * Who does what work * How your profits are shared * What would happen if you decided to wind up the partnership Each partner is personally liable for all debts incurred by the business. Trust in this type of business relationship is therefore crucial. If your partner incurs debts without telling you, you are as much liable for them as he or she is. When I start up my business there are three options I can use to set-up the finance for my business. ...read more.


and then seek to make a return on this money by on lending. The level of interest charged will depend on their perception of the risk of lending to your business. In general, small businesses are regarded as being a higher risk, so finance institutions will charge a higher rate of interest and will look for enough security to cover the loan in the event that I cannot meet repayments. Administration costs can be as high for small loans as they are for larger loans, so arrangement fees will usually also be payable. If I don't pay the payments on time I will have a problem, as it is a small business. As the government introduced a late payment of Commercial Debts (interest). Start up costs Premises: Bradburn House, 64-68 Northumberland Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear, UK Property Details Categories Size Offices To ...read more.


This is a shelf for my business I will use the shelves to store computer parts and computer games. Also I can buy bigger shelves to store games consoles on and things like laptops and pcs. This is the lighting I will use to light up my computer store because it is bright and gives everything's much more light so the store doesn't look dark and dingy. Vehicles: A transit van is really good for my business because it is big so it carry heavy and large loads. The simple term 'Transit vans' covers a vast range of model types, each with its own particular kind of customer. All Transit models share the high levels of build quality, safety and security considerations and the kind of dependable ruggedness that has helped create so envied a reputation. Advertisement: For my advertisement I have made a flyer telling the public about what my business sells. ...read more.

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