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RESOURCES needed for my business to succeed

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RESOURCES Resources are all the things businesses need in order for them to operate. So therefore the things that will be needed for my business are fixtures & fittings, security system, furniture, insurance, suppliers, HD television, lighting, staff, solicitor, etc. There are three types of resources and they are: * Physical resources * Human resources * Financial resources Physical resources They are all the objects needed to set up and running of the business. So in this case, before we start trading, we need to take on board the shop and its premises as well as employees to that will be working and operating the shop. For the business to run effectively to sell our product and provide the service we have aimed to do, we need to have all the necessary goods. So therefore we have a contract with a supplier called Solutions Center Ltd, who will deliver stock using the procedure Just In Time (JIT), as in the market today customers are interested in a quick service and in the business world time is very important, as if you don't have it in stock your customers will be going somewhere else to buy. I will need only a few stock to start off my business which will cost around �6,000 This is a print screen of my supplier's website we needs ...read more.


We will provide each member of the team the necessary training upon starting. The training will consist of a brief on how to deal with complaints, customer service, layout of the shop i.e. fire exits, etc, where the business wants to go and what we aims to achieved so that we can all work towards that goal. Training and appraisal will be given on yearly basis, because maintaining our standard and rewarding employee's effort is very important to the business. Employees will be permitted/invited to share ideas of the running the business. * At the start of every shift, each employee will report to the manager which is me for a brief on daily sales and sales targets for the day. They will be given a free choice of mobile phone and to motivate the workforce, an employee of the month scheme will be enforced and a profit sharing scheme as well and the rule will, no profit sharing, as this can motivate staff to put good effort as they know they will be getting something back from the effort they will be putting in the business. The reasons why we will need to train our staff are because: * It will ensure that our staff are fully able to meet the needs of their job role. ...read more.


An example will be phone accessories and fixture and fittings. * Cash Book: It will enable us to record all necessary transactions made by cash or cheque. This transaction will balance and check against the shop bank statement at the end of every week to ensure that the information we record is balanced and accurate. * Nominal or Private Ledger This will allow us to keep records of all the primary records mentioned above. Each will be posted to left/right hand side according to expenses and sales. This will ensure us that all the accounts will be maintained and are located in one file which will make it easier to analyse at the end of the financial year. This ledge will be totalled at the end of every month and will be used to draw up our trial balance which will benefit us of all transactions in both columns are accurate. TQM At MOB WORLD we will make sure that quality of our products is maintained through total quality management (TQM) procedure. For example check that all mobile phones ordered from suppliers are in good condition before purchasing. And by doing this it will benefit our business as it will improved skills, morale and confidence among our staff and the quality of services offered will result in increasingly satisfied customers. ?? ?? ?? ?? MB WRLD Isaac Sedu ...read more.

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