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Results of a group discussion

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Results of Group Discussion We are a group of four business students who started a business called "6 Down" and we are going to create a soft drink for the Coca Cola Company. Coca Cola currently owns 4 of the world's top 5 non alcoholic sparkling beverages brands. It also offers nearly 400 brands in more than 200 countries and sells more than 2800 products worldwide. The drinks are mainly sold in supermarkets but also in corner shops and off license stores. The prices are: between 35 and 50 pence per can and between 70 pence and � 1.00 per bottle. We will then be selling the drink in and around Uxbridge. Our target customers are Youngsters, long distance drivers, sports people, etc. The major competes are other energy drink and soft drink companies. The Coca Cola Company currently promotes itself by TV adverts, Newspapers, Radios, Cinemas, Bill Boards and other advertisement methods. ...read more.


drink is sold the most in Uxbridge We decided to use the secondary research method in order to find out what we need. This is because these questions can be answered by an already existing database (websites). I have analysed my group members' secondary researches. By one of the researches we have found out that the UK drinks industry is now worth �49.5 billion. Drink Share of Energy Drink Market (% dollar sales) 2006 Drink Share of Energy Drink Market (% dollar sales) 2007 Drink Share of Energy Drink Market (% dollar sales) 2008 Red Bull 42.6 Red Bull 35.2 Red Bull 40 Monster 14.4 Monster 27.3 Monster 23 Rockstar 11.4 Rockstar 11.1 Rockstar 12.3 Full Throttle 6.9 Full Throttle 6.6 AMP 8 Sobe No Fear 5.4 Amp 5.1 Full Throttle 4 Amp 3.6 No Fear 2.7 Doubleshot 2 Sobe Adrenaline Rush 2.9 NOS 2.1 NOS 1.5 Tab Energy 2.3 Adrenaline 2.1 No Fear 1.4 Monster XXL 0.9 Sobe 0.6 Private Label 1 Private Label 0.9 BOOKOO 0.6 SOBE Adrenaline ...read more.


* How would you rate soft-energy drinks on a scale of 1 to 5 (5 highest and 1 is the lowest) * Please state which soft-energy drink you prefer the most Group member Karm has collected results of 15 different people in Uxbridge and has provided me his results. I have then analysed them and created pie charts to have a better view on the results. The questions asked on the questionnaire are the following: * What is your preferred flavour? (Choose from: Orange, Tropical, Lemon, Plain, Mango and Strawberry). * What type of drink do you prefer (Choose from: Diet Drink, Sugar Free Drink, and Normal Drink). * How many times do you buy energy drinks? (Choose from: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Rare). * How would you rate Energy drinks on a scale of 1 to 4 in which 4 is the highest and 1 is the lowest? * Which Age group do you belong to? (Choose from: 15-21, 22-28, 29-36, 42-48 and 49 and over. * Please select your gender The pie charts are the following: ?? ?? ?? ?? Amir Thasarathakumar ...read more.

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