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Retail shopping

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Retail shopping is the selling of goods, and services on the Internet, directly to customers. As researched, during the past few years, the population of retail shopping has dramatically increased. As the popularity grows, the web has rapidly become a multibillion-dollar source of revenue for the world's businesses. In this paper, I will analyse the factors that influenced the increasing popularity of retail shopping. Retail shopping is a very convenient way of shopping, which allows consumers to access and purchase the product much easier. As it is a 24-hour-a-day showcase for their products, this allows consumers to shop, and purchase whenever they want. This may be beneficial to consumers that have a large workload, as they usually are people that would not have time to shop around; also, these customers are mostly to be potential customers as they have the ability to pay for the product, which benefits the firm. Also, some consumers may dislike street shopping, as customers would need do things such as brave the traffic along the way, hunt for parking, select the items, wait at checkout, pay for the items and carry them back home. ...read more.


This is because retailers have the advantage to lower their price (which attracts customers), without reducing the profit margin. This would in turn having its sales increased, and hence profit increases for the business. Retailers also have the advantages to cut their cost as they do not need to sell their products to the 'middle-man', which would increases the price of their product eventually, as the 'middle-man' would increases its price to gain profit for themselves. Also, retailers can cut cost as they do not need to hire as much staffs, or even more, they might not need to hire any staffs. This is because through Internet, retailers may not need any staff to do jobs such as salesman. By having the advantage to cut its cost, the business may have the ability to lower their price, which in turn attracts much more customers than in-store buying, and hence, increases its popularity. However, there are also some drawbacks that may obstruct the popularity of retail shopping. It was widely recognized that because of the interactive nature of the Internet, businesses could gather data about prospects and customers in unprecedented amounts -through site registration, questionnaires, and as part of taking orders. ...read more.


Yet most homes today would be limited to connections at modem speeds of 56.4 kbs or less. This causes the speed of accessing different e-commerce site for retail shopping as sites usually are with graphics and lots of information, which takes time to load and appear on the screen. This could be very daunting to customers. Therefore, with narrow bandwidth, most customers they will skip over those emails from unknown sources 99 percent of the time. This in turn would result with low response rate, which may hinder the popularity of retail shopping. In conclusion, although there might be some factors that hinder the popularity of retail shopping, with its 24-hour availability, a global reach, the ability to interact and provide custom information and ordering, and provide a much more convenience way of purchasing, retail shopping is still at a upper hand position, which attracts more customers and increases it popularity. However, businesses should also pay attention to the factors that limit the increase of popularity for retail shopping and try to eliminate such factors in order to grow larger and become more successful. Analyse the factors that influenced the increasing popularity of retail shopping ...read more.

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