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Revision notes on marketing and organisational objectives unit 2 p3

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´╗┐Unit 3 research Marketing objectives Link between organisational and marketing objectives Overall vison- what has to be achieved to deliver the mission-functional objective (how marketing will contribute towards achieving the overall aim) Types of corporate objectives Growth, financial performance, innovation, reputation, contribution to communities. Marketing objectives relate to: * Sales * Market share * Market standing * Customer awareness * Customer satisfaction * Customer retention * Product launches Growth strategies- Ansoff?s matrix Product Market Present New Present Market penetration In this sector businesses try to increase current market share by using existing products Market existing product to existing customers.in the case of Cola-Cola, the classic Diet Coke which is available to a worldwide market. ...read more.


the classic Coca-Cola. Product diversification For this strategy, companies usually take on the most risk, as new products are tested In new markets. Powerade (produced in the name of Coca-Cola) was recently made in China. product Market Present New Risk bearing Present Market penetration Here a company will try to sell more of its existing products in existing markets. In the case of Jaguar land rover, the range rover produced since the 1970?s is worldwide popular choice of vehicle. Product development Here a company will try to create new products for existing markets to achieve growth. In the case of jaguar land rover, the jaguar F-type recently manufactured in 2013, is available to a worldwide market. ...read more.


Branding Strong brands will stay to mind Colour signifies the type of product: * blue (social media, Facebook, twitter) * red, excitement, Coca-Cola, levis Relationship marketing * Focuses on the strong relationship between company and customer * Customer rewards, money off vouchers, BOGOF Transactional marketing * Opposite of relationship marketing * No customer rewards Jaguar and land rover relationship marketing Extended warranty, road side assistance and multicar discounts Jaguar Extended Warranty * 12 months extensive cover for most factory fitted mechanical and electrical components * Consequential failure cover * Up to £750 MOT Test Insurance cover * Cover throughout the UK and Europe * Unlimited mileage and claims cover * Car hire for up to seven days * Your choice of Jaguar dealership ...read more.

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