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Richer Sounds Customer Service

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Customer Service Richer Sounds believe that their profits aren't the most important measure of their success. They believe the most important measure of their success is to provide great customer service and satisfaction. This is because any organisation can increase their profits by increasing the prices of their goods; they can buy cheaper low quality goods and can cut down on the number of employees at work. Richer Sounds believe that this will reduce the quality of customer service that is provided by the business, due to fewer employees and high priced goods. Customers won't buy expensive goods which are poor quality; and through this the business will lose customers and keep on losing them. Customers will go else where to buy goods and services from and the business's reputation will be really bad. The company believes that once a customer purchases a product from the business and thinks that it was at a low price and also sees that it is at good quality, with excellent service provided when they bought the goods. The customer will tend to come back to purchase more goods and also the customers may tell their friends and families about the prices and quality of goods and service that Richer Sounds provide, this will benefit ...read more.


Improving the businesses image and reputation- As with all good reputations, whether within a business or a person comes fame and popularity with other people. This means that a business with a good reputation will find it a lot easier to retain and expand on the number of customers currently buying their products than a business with a bad reputation. We, as customers are always looking for the bigger better picture and usually we look first in shops that look like they make good money and quite often we would buy it there first anyway so image is very important. How richer sounds meet their customer expectations Good value products- This requires doing a lot of market research as richer sounds customers are expecting cheap prices whenever they can get it. This means that they will have to spend a lot of time going on the internet and into warehouses to find out where they can bulk buy the cheapest products, to keep their selling on prices low. Rapid response to enquiries- Keeping response times quick to all inquires, from over the phone or on the desks is very important as this could make the difference between a sale and a loss of a valuable customer. ...read more.


How well are richer sounds customers protected by consumer law? Richer Sounds's customers are protected by a number of acts and laws to keep them well protected. These acts include... * The health and safety act- to protect customers and employees alike from harmful gasses or dangerous chemicals. * The sales of goods act- to prevent any selling of a poor quality or damaged items. * The consumer credit act- to stop richer sounds from over charging customers in interest. And finally * The data protection act- to prevent the misuse of customer's confidential information and to ensure the safe storage of it. Customer Service introduction x Internal customers x External customers x The importance of customer service x Gaining and retaining customers x Providing information on the product in use x Gaining customer loyalty x Increasing sales revenue and profits x Helping to increase market share x Improving the businesses image and reputation x How richer sounds meet their customer expectations x Good value products x Rapid response to enquiries x Clear honest information x Information about suitable products x Help with individual or general issues x Care and Attention x After-sales service x Consumer protection x Health + Safety x Sale of products x Labelling of products x Misuse of information x How well are richer sounds customers protected by consumer law x ?? ?? ?? ?? Mudathir Subahi ...read more.

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