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Roles and Responsibilities

Extracts from this document...


Store Manager Roles & Responsibilities The store manager at McDonald's is mainly responsible for three main things human resources, business operations and product management. Human resources; The store manager is responsible for recruiting, hiring, training and developing his employees in order to achieve the aims and objectives. The management of their performances is also essential, in order to recognize the store's status. This will help the manager observe his teams' progression. Also the payrolls, health & safety and scheduling workplace at the local McDonald's are also the responsibilities of the store manager. He has to organize them and structure the work in order to make things easier for the staff to follow orders. He also spreads the working hours equally between the staff and balancing things out fairly. Business operations; These are daily jobs of a manager at any store. The store manager of McDonalds for instance would be reviewing profit and loss accounts to see if they're making any financial progress and what they're next step could be in order to achieve/expand their aims and objectives. Facility management is also his responsibility, making sure that the right equipment is provided and that they will last for a long period of time. Health and Safety, the store manager makes sure that the work place is safe enough to work by informing the staff with some of the business policies and providing them kit that will avoid any damages to them. He also has to check the health conditions of his employees, any unanimous health concerns etc. (this is usually established at the interviews) Product management; This stage product management involves providing the customers the right quality of their product/food. This is where the responsibility of the store manager becomes important; he has to check it daily and he has to make sure that the customers are getting what they have asked for. For example if they wanted a doughnut and they have run out, he has to make sure that it is back in stock at least the next day. ...read more.


This is why we have also warned them before hand by stating: "The following will not be taken into consideration whilst looking at application forms by the recruitment team. It is strictly used for record purposes." Also criminal convictions and Health information are needed for statutory reasons and so that the company can learn about the candidate personally. Application Form (weighting:4) Strengths Weaknesses The strengths of the application form were that it contained quite a lot of information about the applicant for example their skills and qualities, past experience, criminal history, education, health issues etc. The application form really showed a depth side of the applicant and helped us judge the fact of whether we should shortlist them or not. How it did illustrate the applicant: Skills & Qualities - here the applicant was asked to share a little bit of their skills and qualities. Achievements - the achievements of the applicant, sports, school, and youth club etc. Qualifications - the qualifications of the job weren't up to a high standard but they were basic so it was quite important for us to know the type of qualifications they had. Whether they had basic numeric and English skills were very important. The weakness of the application for m was probably the writing; some of the writing wasn't clear because the printing of the application form was awful. Maybe we should have looked more into and paid little bit of more attention. The rest of the application form was fine and it didn't really look discriminative or didn't have any anti-equal opportunities. Cover Letter Purpose: The purpose of the cover letter is to thank the applicant for showing interest in the company McDonald's. Along this cover letter comes the recruitment package for them to fill in and return. The letter is almost like an introduction letter to the company McDonald's. However, our cover letter was quite simple and short with important details in the 'body' of our cover letter. ...read more.


Selection The selection process was very good and we had used the following process to choose the best person: Psychometric test - the psychometric test helped us judge our candidates on their personality etc. and on this test Kassam Harroon had scored the highest and this is one of the reasons why had chosen him for the job. The 2nd highest was Amish Macween, he was going to be our 2nd choice if anything had happened to our 1st choice. Interview criteria - the interview criteria was a simple table that scored them on their performance in the interview then again, Kassam Harroon was the strongest candidate. Interview 1. The interview went quite well as well, I had interview two candidates with my other group member 'Rima'. We were supposed to interview three candidates on that day; however one of the candidates didn't show up. This is why we had to continue with the two other candidates. Our first candidate was Kassam Harroon; this interview went very well, although we had to face with some distractions and interruptions during the interview. (Appendix: pg7) On the 1st interview we were a bit nerve racking and a lot of us were nervous and not prepared enough. My spectators had observed me and they explained to me that they found me: my eye contact was excellent, poor body language, excellent probing as I was relating previous questions to the current question. 2. The second interview went better; we had interview candidate number 2 and that was Amish Macween. This candidate was very confident in his wording and this interview went quite well and we had fewer distractions to deal with. This interview went very smooth and the communication level was outstanding and free-flowing. We got a lot of information out of him and he sounded a very confident person, although he didn't really have much experience working with fast food restaurant. Here my interview techniques became stronger and better, as my body language improved and I started nodding and shown some interest in the applicant. Sahal Ismail Unit 2 1 Sahal Ismail ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level People & Operations Management section.

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