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Sainsbury's communication methods.

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Sainsbury's communication methods People working in different functional areas have to communicate with each other in order to achieve the same objectives but they also need to communicate with other range of individuals and organisations, including their customer's, competitors and their suppliers as well as their own employees. Good communication within a business is essential because it effects the operation of the business. The purpose of communication is: * Passing on information * Giving instructions * Making checks & receiving feedback * Negotiation * Confirmation The two main areas of communication that are mainly used in businesses are internal and external. Internal communication is communication that takes place within an organisation, while external communication takes place between the organisation and the people outside the business. All large businesses use information communication technology (ICT) to communicate internally and externally. ICT is any equipment or interconnected system of equipment that support all forms of technology used to create, store, manipulate, manage, move, display, switch, interchange, transmit or receive information in its various forms. This has had a major effect on the way communication takes place in the business because they help to play an important role in the effectiveness of communication. ...read more.


storing the stock database, when an item is sold its barcode is scanned and the product details including price will appear on the screen, after an item is sold the stock level of the item is automatically decreased Paging devices: Sainsbury's staffs uses a small electronic device which lets a person know when they are in need of contact Bulletin boards/ office displays: Messages are put out on notice boards to note other members of staff of any recent news or event taking place e.g. Office party Display product development: This is where people can see and comment on the scheme, this gives them the staff the chance to put their views across Electronic data interchange: This is a network link that allows Sainsbury to pay people within the company electronically without the need for invoices and cheques, this reduces time, paperwork and costs so this method can be use internally and externally. ICT on Sainsbury ICT has had a major effect on Sainsbury because since the technology was introduced it has made the running of the company much easier. Every aspect of their operations uses IT for either monitoring or controlling e.g. Electronic point of sale Electronic data interchange Electronic funds transfer These 3 types of information systems make Sainsbury's living more easily because ...read more.


People also try and hack into computer users and steal information off computers. This can be one of the worst crimes and the most damaging because there could be important information. Health problems: There are health problems (eyesight problems etc.) that can occur when working with computers. The impact of ICT within Sainsbury has been far reaching and dramatic, both internally and externally. The main strengths of this investment have been improved efficiency of not only staff, but also the whole operating process of large stores. What's more, technology has enabled expansion of the customer base, which would not have been possible previously. E.g. Through internet shopping In addition, the efficiencies and cost savings brought about by technology have enabled Sainsbury to become more competitive within the market place. The introduction of technology has also been active in enabling Sainsbury to expand their operations overseas. It has helped communication between staff and management in the UK and abroad. Before the introduction of ICT, establishing contact with stores elsewhere would have been difficult and time consuming. There would have also been communication problems in terms of time differences. E-mails however do not depend on time. Previously it would have been difficult to communicate by phone to distant countries in view of the different time zones and working weeks. Technology has greatly eased such problems. ?? ?? ?? ?? Communications & ICT ...read more.

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